The Acting Front

I haven't heard a lick of news from my agent...I got those stupid headshots and nada. I realize it's the holidays and a lot of ish shuts down...and it's not 2012 yet and all my good ish is going to happen there BUT I'm still a giddy school girl...I'm itchin for some action!

I have a friend up north whose brother just moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I'll be doing a coffee date wtih him soon. How odd is it that when I first moved to LA I had a coffee date with a pal's cousin and now I'm in that same boat...except I haven't really worked all that much yet. lol

Soon! It'll happen soon!

I also just found out that my favorite acting coach is moving back here and wants to get the old group back together with some newbies in the mix! 2012 is going to be acting busy-beautiful. You just wait and watch!


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