Paris Red

I love having friends chalk-a-block full of expertise and braininess. The other day I decided I wanted to wear a bright, beautiful red lipstick for New Year's Eve so I texted a pal of mine who is a makeup artist and asked her what brand and color she recommended. (She's done my makeup for a couple of shoots so I trusted her noggin.)

Seconds later I received word that the bestest and brightest was Chanel so off to the store I went. After rubbing a couple of colors onto my fist I found the perfect shade-Paris Red.

Turns out it's pretty much everyone's perfect color, though. No one at that darn mall carried the color. Now I'm on a mission.


I have no idea what I'll wear, but I know my liparoos will be french-kissable that night. Ooo la la!

2011 | A Year in Pictures

"We will open the book. It's pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day." ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

...To all those who have made this year so very memorable...Thank you.

Luv and Kiwi,


Waiting for a Flicker

I read a lot of a lot. I'm constantly searching for amusing stimulation, but bloggers are lazy for the most part. It's hard to find someone who blogs consistently every day about clever coolio things.

That's my problem. I've been super bored with what I've been reading. Now that Christmas is over everyone's gone into super uber hibernation mode and I'm left twiddling my fingers.

I'm waiting for something zany to happen! I'm waiting for something crazy neat awesome to come along and knock me off my feet. I want to be on the ground, looking up at kiwi-colored stars dancing around me.

Acting can pop up, my book edits can magically turn into an agent magnet, my savings plans can pay off and I can go on not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR trips this year (one overseas!)...I just need some umph.

Ya know? I'm not always like this...Something weird just got up my butt and now I'm walking around funny wondering how the heck to fix it.

The Acting Front

I haven't heard a lick of news from my agent...I got those stupid headshots and nada. I realize it's the holidays and a lot of ish shuts down...and it's not 2012 yet and all my good ish is going to happen there BUT I'm still a giddy school girl...I'm itchin for some action!

I have a friend up north whose brother just moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I'll be doing a coffee date wtih him soon. How odd is it that when I first moved to LA I had a coffee date with a pal's cousin and now I'm in that same boat...except I haven't really worked all that much yet. lol

Soon! It'll happen soon!

I also just found out that my favorite acting coach is moving back here and wants to get the old group back together with some newbies in the mix! 2012 is going to be acting busy-beautiful. You just wait and watch!

Rap: That Whipper Snapper Music

I was stalking Twitter a couple of weeks ago and came across Gwen Paltrow's tweets. She wrote some hoo haw about loving this chick named Azelia Banks so I googled her to see what the hoopla was about.

Turns out she's this young rapper/lyricist chickadee. Her video was super cute...I'm sitting there watching her (fully clothed) rap and she's not shaking her booty or touching her tatas...NICE! Then I hear the words coming out of her mouth and I about fell out of my chair!

She's clever yes...I mean she used the word betwixt which rocks my world, but she also throws in some "lick up on my genitals". Thinking Mrs. Coldplay has lost her shat because while Azelia's music may be cool for working out I'd never write of its lovely powerfulness.

Thoughts on the whipper snapper music of today? Is it all about the beats? Should I hang up my cool pants now and start wearing socks with sandals?

Doesn't she look cute and innocent?! Don't be fooled!!!

A Home Alone Moment

If we're not *facebook buds you missed out on my delightfully alarming story from last Wednesday.
Jersey and I pulled a Home Alone the morning of our trip. The night before he said he was setting his alarm for 3:00 am. I said I'd set mine for 3:30 as a backup...except he didn't hear "backup" He just heard me say I was setting my alarm...and I set it for 3:30pm by mistake.

I was dreaming away last Saturday morning when all of a sudden I heard him scream "We've slept in!!!"

(You NEVER want to hear those words when you're supposed to be boarding a plane to go home to see the parents you haven't seen since LAST Christmas.)

Fortunately for us, Jersey has a weird internal alarm clock and woke us up at 4:30am ...late but doable. We still managed to run around our home like banchees on speed trying to get our ish together in time to make our flight.

The only oops in that whole mad rush was leaving the garage light on...which we now have to replace, but other than that we arrived in Middle Earth with all of the correct belongings...and some really bad hair and breath.

* Favorite Facebook quote of the morning: KEVIN!!!

Twinkie Got Me Poop!

I've never felt more loved. Twinkie went to South Africa to take care of baby monkeys (she's dope like that) and came back with poop and a beautiful symbolic sentiment for little old me.

The symbol means persistence. She of course sent a card explaining her gifts and the card tickled me just as much as the actual gifts. I swear I'm a lucky girl. I have some pretty sweet-tastic friends!


Spirit Spaz

Man I had a great trip home!

Christmas is always really weird for me. When I was young, the holiday was simple, magical and always pure joy but the older I got the more I saw the greed and the grumps...the Grinch and the chumps and it made it so hard to appreciate my favorite holiday.

(I think that's why it took me so long to get into the Christmas spirit this year.)

I did find it though! And this year was even sweeter.

I went home for the holidays (Jersey in tow) and spent six spectacular days with my best friend and my parents. I saw friends; I visited my God children; took Jersey on a tour of where I worked all through high school, and introduced him to the Christmas Plaza lights.
My parents picked us up and drove us back to their home (which is three hours from Kansas City) and we spent days cooking, napping, eating and laughing.

I got the most thoughtful gifts from my loved ones that made my heart explode with love...the thoughts behind the gifts are gifts in themselves!

My mom's gift touched me deeply...She found a book lover's gift set. It has a journal, magnetic book marks, page marker sticker tab thingies and labels for personalizing my library. I love this gift so much...Don't you love it when moms just get us? I don't even want to take them out of the box!

"Let's go back through the past year..."

Jersey out did himself, too! One of my Christmas wishes was for him to write me one letter per week for a whole year. He took it one step sweeter and created a blog for me. Each week I'll receive a new post from him--an entire year of his thoughts...Is it possible that a girl can be this lucky? He ended up getting me a lot of great and thoughtful things that made me squeal like I was five again, but this one took the cake.

J and I are doing something different and beautiful this year. Instead of a gift exchange we're combining our gift giving powers to help out a woman associated with a charity of our mutual choices. How lovely is that? I'm kind of geeked. There's so many programs out there we can help with. I'll let you know which one we finally choose.

All in all the time spent with loved ones...the sentimental thoughts and thoughtful gifts...well, it was all kind of perfect.  I loved Christmas 2011.

A Christmas Story

...My mom told me the funniest story while we worked on the turkey together. When she was a little girl she was reading in bed. Her mother kept yelling at her to turn off the light. She couldn't stop though.

Before she knew it her mother had lunged into the room and was hitting the top of the blanket.

She thought she was spanking my mom but she was actually wailing on her sister who was sleeping. My mom kept saying "ouch no" though so that Grandma wouldn't know. My mom was a sneaky beast.

My mom and I were laughing so hard we were crying on the turkey. Natural salt seasoning...

The Writing Elf is In Middle Earth

I'm not the bestest at keeping up with my writing when I'm with friends and fam.

Due to that merry little fact, I shall return after Christmas. 

Happy Holidays!!!

Well Who Am I? Sho'nuff!

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work, scrambling around like a banchee and noticed Jersey was still lounging in bed, hands behind his head, chillin like a villain.

I turned to him and said, "You're a bum! A lazy bum!" and he quipped back that he was THE manager...of his job AND of the house... and that's when my eyebrows raised and I stopped in my tracks. (You see he's been on this cute, proud trip about getting a manager position, but he had to go and extend that to the home...tsk tsk)

He couldn't even finish the words without laughing. He KNEW he was gonna get it. I immediately pounced on him and started tickling him.

Seconds later he was screaming, "You're the manager of this home! You are!"

Yeah....that's right chump.

That's right.

An Early Christmas Present

Meli (from the book club) texted me a couple of days ago and asked if I'd be home because she had a little somethin', somethin' to drop off. I didn't think anything of it...a little sweet gesture; I told her to come on over and went back to scrubbing my home.

That woman showed up at my house yesterday with this beautifully wrapped gift. I thanked her profusely for thinking of me. She bounced on the couch and told me she had saw it and thought of me immediately. 

(At that point I was still calm.)

I read her sweet card and then carefully began unwrapping the gift. That is until I saw the first part of what the gift was and then went ape shat...literally.


I had actually seen this book at the airport coming back from New Jersey. I straight up beelined for that darn thing and then sat their pawing it through the window. 

Meli had read back through my posts and found hints and whispers about my obsession love for Oprah. I just about died from all the excitement. Hell, I'm still a bit winded. 

I'm really blessed to have such sweet, thoughtful, and might I add generous people in my life. SERIOUSLY! It really meant the world to me that someone could dig deep and get to the center of my little Oprah groupie heart. 

Middle Earth Christmas Chronicles

When this little bad boy goes to post, Jersey and I will be waking from the dead and rolling over cursing ourselves for booking such an early morning flight. Then we'll realize we're going to Middle Earth to visit my best bud J and my delightful parental units and then we'll start skipping around like little spazoids.

Happens every time.

I can't wait to just be there already! I'm really hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates and we make it there when we're supposed to...or sooner!

I'm ready to be home for the holidays...ready to see snow and smell my mom and dad's cinnamon-y Christmas home.

I'm happier than an elf who's just found out he suffers from elephantiasis of the jingle bells!

Out and About With the Fellas

I love hanging with D and Jersey. Luckily they dig each other and spend 90 % of the time discussing fantasy football and sharing LA pounds (Please don't ask me about that silly handshake.)

Elves in the Kitchen

Jersey and I needed some Christmas shakeup this past weekend so we decided to bake Christmas goodies for his peoples. I got this really snazzy recipe for apple cinnamon granola that ended up turning out so yummy we made some for ourselves. We've decided healthy and nutritious gifts aren't a bad thing being that we're both health nuts. This could be the beginning of a beautiful Christmas past time...

My mom sent us matching Christmas aprons. We had too much fun in them

Feeling the Christmas spirit...FINALLY!

Jersey's attempt at gangster...Note the blue glitter tat on the neck

We must really work on our handwriting...and our plus signs

The Counter

Before the Adam Sandler party Jersey and I hit up our favorite burger joint, The Counter. We sat at the bar, watched some sports and laughed over yummy fried pickles and the best little sliders. It's good to have little neighborhood spots!

Shutterbug Toys


I'm pretty sure everyone thought I'd dig photography for a tiny bit and then kick it to the curb, but I've been snapping for years...don't see myself giving it up any time soon either. I got some new toys to play with over the weekend. Man, how I love Poppins the iPhone!

Helena and Harper

I love Em and her adorable family...and the bottom right picture of Harper (H2 as she calls him on her blog) made me laugh so hard I snorted a bit.

The Happy Madison Party

Adam Sandler's party was Friday night...boy was it out of this world!

I've NEVER been around that many celebrities at a given time. I saw Maria Bello first and I just about peed my pants considering I had JUST watched her show before we left. Everyone who has ever worked with Adam Sandler or befriended his bulldog was there.

He performed with his band, there were bar stations set up everywhere in this little hidden compound in the valley...we could ice skate if we wanted, ride a train, bull ride, sing karaoke, bowl, play arcade games that were rigged to not need quarters. It was a kid's dream I say! I played the ISH out of Ms Pacman!

We spoke to one of Jersey's favorite stars out there right now and he was totally humble and gracious...The guy didn't even freak out that two very grown adults were drooling all over him.

I've been in LA for years now, but I still can't act normal around people I've admired from the boob tube. They're doing what I've always wanted to do...They're ACTUALLY in the biz and doing it well...lucky ducks.

I was sooo happy to be there, but I caught myself wondering why it happens that I'm always so close to it all, but never get bites of my own. Cruel tease or just the beginning tastes of how it will be soon?...

Hopefully I'll be able to answer that soon.

We weren't allowed to take pictures at all while there so no pictures of totally awesome folks that weren't plastic surgery'ed out...weren't dressed all fancy schmancy. Lots of jeans and cool, whatever folks. The only annoying people there were the hoochie mama young girls standing close to stars, bending over slowly, trying to get them to notice them.

Tsk tsk...We all want to be discovered...I'd just rather it be me, my face and I...not my booty.

After the party we finally got brave enough to snap a pic

I got a Mike Tyson face tattoo because I'm gangster

Jersey's neck tattoo...He is such a bad ass!

Say Cheese


The Journal


It's so not fair that, as a joke, I asked Jersey to sign up for an Oprah journal and he got his before me.

~what the freak?!~

Totally stealing it..

Top Secret

I did a top secret thing for FBG yesterday that had me on the potty poo-ing my little heart out all day. My nerves were just shot to pieces...I wanted to do good...had to do good since it was for wasn't like I could flop and suffer alone with dignity. I had to prove I had the chops to handle the top secret mission impossible!

...And I did good. Silly how stressed I got. I arrived and was greeted by awesome, fun folks who made the gig pretty darn easy.

I needed to do something like that and get to come back to my bossaroo (J) and tell her I did a good thing. Yesterday I also found out I didn't get the part that I auditioned for.

It was a bummer for sure, but that's the nature of this dramatic beast I've decided to stalk my life with.

Just celebrating my goods...and taking the bads out on Jersey. Just joshin...


Iroha Sushi of Tokyo in Studio City. Good ish. Next time I've been told I have to get the spicy seafood miso soup. I will do that. You do it too.

A Smaller Expletive


My toe is really saying a lot here...

I'm really frustrated with having that darn toe bandaged up. It's been killing me lately, especially at night. It almost fills like two of my toes are twisted together and when I go to separate them, I can't. That drives me batty. Like up the wall, nutty. 

Yesterday I was throwing a fit because the postman jacked up a package my dearest mom delivered to me. She had packed all of these triple layer cookies that were all over everything when I opened the box. I was trying to shake chocolate off the Christmas aprons and green glittery ornaments and that's when it happened. 

I had been holding my right leg up (Karate kid style) while I was attempting the chocolate quarantine and BAM! I came right down on my foot...right down on my toe. 


Then I was really mad...

I get the stitches out the day before I fly to Middle Earth. That day can not come soon enough... 

Pippi Longstocking Effect

My pal Wendy gave me these lovely tulips at the book club meeting. Each day they sprawl a bit more; growing more and more groovy.

I usually sit at the dining room table when I'm working from home so this is my whimsically delicious view each day.

I once told Jersey I wasn't a big flowers-kind-of-chick, but apparently I fibbed a tiny bit. I don't like it when dudes get me flowers, true. They're just cheese ball city.  That doesn't mean I don't like flowers for the home though. There's nothing cheesy about that ish! 


Like Water For Chocolate

That's it baby cakes! The book club has spoken and Like Water For Chocolate is the new dig. I just picked this bad boy up from the library that's close to our new spot. That's one of the things I miss most about Santa Monica...the bomb ass library there. It makes the one in my new hood look like something out of one of Jonathan Kozol's books. Sad...

I'm not much of a chocoholic, but I'll definitely sip some water in honor of this one.

Baby It's Cold


This may seem crazy, BUT I have just found THE best tissues. I'm constantly blowing my nose. I can never shake colds I swear to my snot. (Those darn cruel children of my past jinxed me when they started taunting me with the nickname "La...La...LaTissue!")

All of that to say I'm kind of an expert so when I tell you that these Kleenex rock, you will respect my gangster.

They're so cold! They hit your nose and it's a breath of coolness. Heaven. I'm in love with a tissue...


I wasn't aware that my doc was running tests on Toe-fer the cyst, but apparently he was and apparently Toe-fer is benign. No cancer...woo to the hoooo! That little bastard was in my blood vessel, though. How in the world does one get a cyst IN their blood vessel?!

Doesn't that sound painful? It is!

I have new bandages now. I'm sporting the green yo! I have one more week of stitches and then hopefully I'll be back to normal. Well....MY normal.

I'm hiding the totally gnarly part for your eyes' mercy. You're welcome.


Dynamic Duo

food by him. design by her.

I love these two people. He's the kitchen wizard. She's the design prodigy. Together their an awesome sauce sandwich with a side of groovy.

I think all couples strive to be like them...The strengths of one helps the strengths of the other...together they form a marriage Gobot like no other.

Words With Friends


This is me being a total groupie...


Jersey and I went and saw Hugo last weekend and I sat through that whole movie in a state of child-like wonder. Mr. Scorsese did such a good job of bringing magic and adventure to this story...
My eyes were wide open...craving the "what's next" like a kid and then some. I swear I left the theater with a warmer heart. A film hasn't done that for me in many moons...

Something about that darn Hugo Cabret...the kid's eyes melted any and all grump from my heart.

White Christmas

Who is in charge of Christmas programming right now?

I have a bone to pick with whoever is running our networks because there's just not enough darn Christmas crap on the boob tube right now. I'm going a bit batty trying to find stuff...I've been reduced to cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime...LIFETIME, people!

I did find White Christmas last night. First time watching it I must say...It's no Scrooged, or Miracle on 34th Street, but it's AT LEAST a Christmas flick.

I'm having a hard time getting into my Christmas spirit. I figure if I can get some Christmas classics under my belt...sip a little hot chocolate here and there; the mistletoe and candy cane mentality will stir.

I've just set the DVR to record All I Want for Christmas and The Family Stone. That's a start. Now if I could just finish finding lovely gifts and be complete...

I have a date with some girlfriends soon...DIY Christmas decorations. I'm really hoping that kicks the Christmas into me. Sigh.

Supporting the Artsy Fartsies


I have a snazzy acting friend in New York who is always doing the darn thing with her acting career. Every time I turn on the telly I see her. She's raising money for a film she's going to be in so of COURSE I had to help out. I'm spreading the word because she rocks and I like seeing her grill on the boob tube.

If you're into supporting the arts...If you just want to help with something new and different then I suggest shooting $2 buckaroos over to her site. Two dollas! That's all they need! Pretty snazzy huh?

Then you can go to your peeps and say with an airy hoity toity-ness "Yes dawwwwlings, I contributed to that film."

Tis the season!


I've been holding onto a frickin frack text from CB2 since Sept 30th! Basically you save the text, take it to the store and we could have won something.

...Except we didn't win ish. I hobbled all the way down to the Santa Monica store for jack diddly squat. Those hustlers. We're still trying to furnish and spoil our home. We're looking for art and colorful pillows. (If you happen to see some awesome laying around.)


CB2, I could have been a contenda!!!

My First Audition in FOREVER

I had an audition yesterday! For a film! I was sooo nervous. Jersey was helping me all weekend practice my lines. We'd pull out our phones at restaurants or before a movie and go at it.

I love how animated and intense he gets into it all. I am crossing my fingers and toes, praying my little heart out that I get this lovely part. It would be an indie, directed by a woman who's won awards for her loveliness.

I hobbled in and nervously started texting my pal Diva Dara to get advice and confidence. The last time I auditioned for a film was YEARS ago. (sadly) I forgot how to slate for Pete's sake! Ahhhh!

I really did try to give it my all, though. The part called for perky so I gave perky. I wore a green shamrock sock on my left foot for good luck even! (Can't hurt throwing in  some quirk!)

Here's hoping!
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