What Do You Wear?!

Okay I just got the official word...I'm going to my first official red carpet event!!!

WOOOHOOOO! I SWEAR if I get any where close to Robyn Wright I'm gonna start breaking out the Princess Bride quotes. You don't believe me? She'll probably sock me a good one. (She looks tough!) I'll still do it though because that's the way I roll.

The big important question is what do I wear?! I'm not actually gonna be the one getting to stop while bulbs flash, but you will see me possibly off to the side and I will be mingling with big stars of this film so I have to look like I know a little bit about dressing my lanky self.

Don't know if you've realized that my little site is not a fashion blog. Brain farts are the farthest thing from couture.

So that's what I'll be stressing about for the next couple of days. J is coming to town and we're going to a fitness conference for FBG so forgive me for the break I'm about to impose on my three readers. Hi, hi, and hi. Sorry, sorry, and sorry.

Wish me luck! If you don't believe in luck then be a pal and write Rachel Zoe for me. I've facebooked AND tweeted her so...

Bring on the fashion!


  1. Simple-yet-snazzy black, cream, or red dress is always good.
    Or, you know, you're favored green could really pop as well :)

    Have OODLES of fun, m'dear! I expect a full report.

  2. Wait so fancy schmancy or LA cool/casual?


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