Twilight Skeptics

I love when Twinkie asks me questions about Twilight...

"Why didn't that selfish Edward just wear a condom?!"

"Do the wearwolves still have shorts on when they morph from human to dog?"

"Are the wearwolves naked when they shift back"

"Why can't that boy put on a damn shirt?!"

I'm always slightly embarrassed to explain to her what's up with each question...I know the books are goofy crack, but I just can't help myself.

Quote from Twinkie:

"Ah, oh okay then. I thought he knew his super sperm would mess her up but he just wanted to raw dawg it anyway."

We never have dull conversations...NEVA!


  1. You're my teacher of all things Twilight. You tell me the story so I don't have to read the books or see the awful movies. You're like my Twilight Yoda.

  2. tell you the books i will said yoda

  3. ha! Awesome.

    I read the first book, but just never continued on.

    David would be slightly embarrassed to admit this (although, maybe not so embarrassed) that he totally fell for the story and read the whole series.

    (and we usually end up going to the movies during opening week.)

    If only everyone knew that he wasn't the supportive husband just along for the wife-obsessed-with-twilight-ride!'s the other way around :)

  4. ha! Are you serious Tara!? I LOVE that lol...ha! Well Jersey watched the third one with me and my gal pal and I...he really gets into them. Doesn't it warm your heart that they can get so sentimental and lovey?

    It's also good to hear the fella who was one of my high school besties is still such a great dude :) You two are TOO cute!


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