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...Just take a's in a book...READING RAINBOW ♪♫♪

Man do I LOVE my book club! It's four of the best women I tell ya! The pot we've created is diverse as verse can be...we've got the boisterous gal who's so full of life it bursts from her fingertips (I actually catch myself watching her nails when she's that intense.) We've got the quiet, sophisticated lassie who's a closet dork/geek just like me, and a sweetheart sassy gal. Together we form an unlikely pair of perfect bookworms and we're only getting bigger.

Our next night is three weeks away and we'll have a new chicadee joining. This is when I love being around groups of women! You get intelligent, strong-minded women in a room talking about what makes them tick, what they admire, what they loathe, and what they empathize with in a character and you've got one happy Tishy!

I'm still reeling over last night's conversation. Themes of self-sacrifice, identity concerns and societal pressures were all hot buttons of the night.

Books are our sacred cows and we're not afraid to love them.

Next on the list: Little Bee.

Strong women all wearing the bracelet that was made for the cause. Called the tribute bracelet it was kind of perfect considering tributes were buzz words in our last book series, The Hunger Games.

The wine flows plenty...


  1. Tish, I couldn't be happier with your blog post about our lovely club. I am in awe when I'm in your presence. Talk about smart, strong minded women. I take my hat off to all you lovely women. Thanks for my fabulous Bio.


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