Nefertiti Gold


Oh how I adore nail polish...My nails are ridiculously brittle, but that doesn't stop me from admiring and even stroking other chicks' nails. (I've been doing that ish since I was a kid...just ask my mom...It used to bug the ish out of her!)

I picked up a bottle of this lovely color for Celina recently because she's the goddess of all things gold. (Just now noticing that we're both really into gifts, but I got her this as a birfday gift...) We tested it out on Jersey to make sure it worked okay with her skin and of course it's perfect.

There's something about giving gifts that I just love to pieces. When I find that little (or big) something that makes someone's heart pitter pat because they know I was aiming for their heart strings then I've done my duty.

Only I want like 18 different deborah lippmann colors including this dark (almost black) green.


These two are next on my list...

Galion by NARS & Single Ladies:


  1. Tish,
    I thought that polish was amazing. The minute I saw it, as you know, I recognized it was a DL bottle. I know, leave it to the polish junkie. Do you think Celina will let me borrow it? Ha ha.
    Stay tuned for my Top 10 Fall/Winter picks.


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