My Photo Shoot

Holy bumper balls was I a hot tranny mess yesterday before the photo shoot! I've never really been able to wrap my head around what my agent wants exactly. I've never known how I'm supposed to market myself...what type of pictures will land me gigs...It's NERVE WRACKING! You spend oodles of cash to pimp yourself have to hope and pray you've dazzled yourself up appropriately.

I tried to respect those nerves as much as possible. It SHOULD get me nervous...I should take it seriously and do my best. That mentality right there is what got me to that cool little studio somewhere in downtown LA.

Vanie was amazing and then some. She's this beautiful, tiny red head with a cool edginess...she's pretty dazzling I must say. She plugged in my iPod (Oscar Junior) and we started rocking out. She went over what we'd be doing and why...introduced me to her make-up artist and we were off.

The two hours went by so quick. She has a style I've never really experienced before that got me out of the shell I've been living in ever since Ms. Agent told me I suck at the whole head shot thing. She took great shots that really REALLY showed off my goofy personality (can we say hallelujah waffles for folks who let me be me?!)

Her and the makeup artist pulled the Julia Roberts card on me. "It's more that you two share the same essence...don't necessarily know if you look-alike."

I should get the pictures pretty soon. I'm gonna send those bad boys off to my agent...wait for her to exclaim they rock and then watch the audition requests start piling in. That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it!

Her studio was in the 1300th block on the 3rd floor. 3/13...good sign time for Tishy!

I swear this couch was a bright, awesome green color...another sign? YES!

Tara Shakespeare (real name) the makeup artist. She's English. I loved her!

lights, camera, ACTION!

She was a fan of this light. Photographers see the magical stuff that we mere mortals overlook!

Before the scrub: My face was perdy


  1. And the images from this shoot are...drum roll please...HERE!

  2. pelvic thrusts! Also writing another post for this week! waka waka!


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