A Knack

I have a knack for never forgetting a face...

The other day J and I were in Pasadena hanging about when I noticed this dude with locs walking  nearby...I kept staring and staring and finally asked him (all crazy-like) if he had gone to Coachella this year.

He looked at me totally confused and said yeah. J started cracking up and freaking out because yes, I had recognized a random face that we had seen at a concert thousands and thousands of faces had been.

What can I say...I've got that magic sumpin...

He was chillin with this crowd of folks

Stalker much? Jersey seems to believe the only reason I remembered this cat is because I have a thing for bruthas with locs...I DO! But that's not why I remember him...I'm just goooood. He really needs to respect my gangster.


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