J's Visit

Every time J comes to visit I count down the days. I wish and wish for time to start flying. The minute she gets here I want time to go molasses-like. It always goes by too fast. Never have enough time...that's what happens when you're having the time of your life I guess.

When J and I first met up this time we were at an event for FBG stuff and so time really did do well at going slow. We were working...By definition work always drags out. Luckily this type of work is the good ish kind. We had a blast meeting new people and learning about new things. On Friday we arrived home and that's when the J + Tish fun time started. I took her up to her room for the weekend and presented her with a gift I was so excited to give her.

I found a Lamb wallet by Gwen Stefani (Gwen is her Oprah/Whoopi dream girl...basically her personal rock star who she'd probably lose her ish to if she ever met her in person.) She opened it and we had a sweet little moment. It should never be about the material gift...it's always about the intention behind the gift and my intention was "I love you. Thanks for being such a joy in my life."

We spent the weekend shopping, eating, laughing and watching incredibly spooky shows with Jersey. I love that Jersey forgets that when his girlfriend gets in the same room as her best friend her weird/goofy powers are multiplied by 100. We were bouncing off the walls while he was firmly planted in a corner, big-eyed wondering if he'd make it through the weekend. The happiness was exploding out of everything...butts...everything.

This weekend was really personal and really different than our other meetups. I had an energy healer cleanse me and put a shield around me. Sound too hippity dippity for you? I TOTALLY can't help it. I'm a human sponge. I pick up on other peoples' vibes and that ish drains me. For me to say someone was finally able to help me with that and was able to help me fight off future stuff was AWESOME. I was able to enjoy the stuffins out of my best friend's visit and really soak in just how wonderful she is.

Sunday we held an FBG event in Sherman Oaks and I swear that place was packed with love and happiness and good souls. I wanted to hug each and every girl who came with good energy...Oh wait...I DID hug every girl.

That's what a J's visit does to me...All this great stuff just floods in and engulfs me. When she leaves it's the ultimate sadness...Jersey kept hugging me and telling me it would be okay. It always is but it takes awhile to remember that. That girl...


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