It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


This is my favorite time of the year...well, at least it is when you're living in Los Angeles (or Jersey apparently!) I don't know how we did it, but Jersey and I brought La La weather to the East coast. It's been perfectly cool and brisk. I couldn't have asked for lovelier Turkey Day weather!

Unfortunately, we leave on Wednesday. I hear it's in the 80s back home. That kind of information makes me arse twitch. It's almost Christmas for Pete's sake! When we get home I plan to put up all the Christmas decorations we have and THEN find the most beautiful wreath in the world and hang it on our door. We'll be in Middle Earth for the actual holiday, but I care not. I'm not bah-humbugging my favorite holiday.

Hopefully, this will hint to Mama Nature to cut that ish out! Get coooooold!

I asked my mom on speaker phone yesterday what she wanted for Christmas...In front of Jersey AND his twin bro she told us all what she wanted for Christmas was a ring on her daughter's finger and a bun in the oven. (I swear we all about shat a green, red and white brick.)

Note to self: Teach mother not to ask Santa for crazy ish.


  1. LOL your mom was very specific on her Christmas wishes! Hilarious!!


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