I am loving this show! Anyone watching it?

Jersey and I haven't quite mastered our new TV ish. There's something about DirectTV that just befuddles the stuffins out of me. So while we love the show, we can't seem to ever watch it unless we're huddled around my laptop.

It's worth it though. Cute lead, interesting story lines, jumpy parts, fun parts, and magical beasts...

I love this fall's television programming...which is sort of bad considering I am really trying to read more.

Grimm is based loosely off Grimm's Fairy Tales which WERE books...That count?

Hubba Hubba


  1. I'm totally digging on Grimm. It's just plain cool.

    Also, lemme know if you need help figuring out your DirecTV. I am a DTV DVRing master ;)

  2. Um I do need your help lol. I'm sick of watching Grimm on a tiny laptop!

  3. I enjoy Grimm as well. This fall has lots of good shows, but I am worried that I'll get sucked in and then they won't be renewed.


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