Gratitude is the Attitude


I'm finally getting what it means to be truly thankful for what I have. While I still luv to pin wish list items to my little kiwi heart's content, deep down I'm satisfied and appreciative of all that I have.

J and I list three things we're grateful for each morning via email. It's gotten to a point where I get excited to tell her what I'm thankful for..and it can be as randomly funky as sushi socks. There's a gift in finding the joy in what you have; there's a gift in finding the joy in knowing you need for nothing, too.

♥ Grateful for Oprah's newest show on OWN called Vissionaries. I drool listening to these creative folks discuss their passions and talents.

♥ Grateful I can sew. I just mended my grandpa's sweater I stole from him in high school.

♥ Grateful for Popeyes chicken!!! Jersey picked us up some. I just wasn't feeling the whole cooking salmon cakes that require fancy ish like nut flour. The last time we had fried chicken was probably a year or two ago. It's a special gift in this fitness household.

♥ Grateful I can walk! I just received word I'll be going into surgery December 7th. I won't be able using the foot for a while so I'm gonna enjoy that ish now! I ran about 10 minutes more than I normally would today because of that.

♥ Grateful for my health!

♥ Grateful for my friends and family. I have two kiwi-rific sisters living in South Korea doing the dang thing. I have two parents who are almost as goofy as I am; a best friend who practices perfect reciprocal love and a boyfriend who allows me to be my goofy arse self AND signed an actual relationship contract years ago which says I can tickle him all I want to.

♥ Grateful for music!

♥ Grateful for my home! I love our place. I love how we've made it our own...adding art and furniture that makes us feel warm, cozy and calm. 
♥ Grateful for my writing! I write every day and have for years and I still enjoy it every day. EVERY DAY!

...And I'm grateful for the people who read and keep reading. It's nice that my words find homes. Thank you!!!


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