The Diva's Day

Yesterday was my pal's birthday. She's a new mom so I offered to babysit her little one for the night so that she could dine with her hubby and see the new Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn. Best birthday idea EVER BTW...She's a clever minx.

She's a clever and cooky thang. Gotta support those kind.

Like me, Dara has to wear her favorite thing on her favorite day...kindred spirids we are.

You KNOW she had to rock a vamp ring

Told ya...homie don't play, fools!

Ready to go out and about!


  1. you seriously bout the sweetest thang to take care of Nehe for her to see Twilight when you dyin to see it yourself...that's a friend to hold onto....Thanks for doing it when a Gigi couldn't:)


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