The celestial Celina brought these lovelies to me this week and I've been hovering around them like a horny bee.

I dig pillowy flowers...I used to love calla lilies like it was nobody's business, but after I started noticing that most people rocked them at funerals I had a change of can only be reminded of death for so long before you have to choose a new bud.

So now it's peonies and hydrangeas and gerber daisies...FLUFFY! It's all about the FLUFFY!

I'm trying to soak up as much bloom as possible because next week we're gonna be in Jersey...the land of steel and grime, smoke and crime. (That rhymed!) There's no blooming happening in the Garden State right now, oh no!

Unless blooming is a new gangster term for shooting up the PoPo...


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