Bye Toby!

So...Toby is no more. Sniff.

A woman at my job really wanted an eReader super bad and since I no longer use the guy (iPad trumped) I figured it was selfish to hang on to him.

The minute I gave him away I regretted it, though. I was tweeting last week and OPRAH tweeted me back and told me not to give the guy away...told me to keep it for posterity...

I tried to renig on the offer, but the woman looked so crushed...

Sorry Oprah for not listening, but you TOTALLY would have given your kindle up if you would have seen this woman's face. Now, you probably would have snatched it right back the minute you heard her say she was still gonna buy one for her husband (I boiled inside) but whatever...

Bye Toby. Thanks for all the good times. You shall be missed!


  1. Haha. Idk if I would have given it away, but I rather have an iPad for sure.


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