Brain Farts

New Year's Eve: I could totally see that movie. I usually avoid such actor hodge podges...The bigger the known cast, the more terrible the flick is. I can't help myself, though. It's holiday-ish and it's about smiles and happiness. I swear around this time of the year I stick candy canes up my butt and holly and good cheer come spewing out.

Twins: It's seriously cool as beans having a boyfriend with a twin. Yesterday I worked at their hizzouse and the bro sat with me while I typed away and did my work thug thizzle. I swear it was like I was sitting with Jersey. I had to remind myself not to toot or start up weird conversations about random ish that only Jersey could handle. It's that comfortable...they're the same, but yet not. (Dramatic music)

Book Fever: It's gonna be awhile before I get my final book edits back and I freaking can't wait! 2012 is the year! I received some great information about publishers and how to best promote my book to them. (Basically you don't. I'll ePublish and see where it takes me.)


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