The Angel Effect

I read the best quote by Ellen Barkin in the LA Times Magazine:

I love her. lol...I really do.

It's all about the dang angel effect and pretty girls never having to develop a personality. I was an ugly duckling like a muther trucker. I witnessed that vapid pretty girl phenomenon first hand and it seriously made my butt twitch. I'm sure my grade school teachers thought I had A.D.D. Nope! That was just my butt responding to the girl with the golden curls.

...But I always talk about this, because if you are the "beautiful girl," every door in the world is open to you immediately. When you're that pretty, you don't develop f--kin' anything else. When I'd meet those girls, even decades ago, I would always say, "Listen, this is only gonna take you so far, so read a f--kin' book. Make a f--kin' friend. Have a conversation. And stay in school."


  1. But if we tell the pretty girls HOW to find ways of bettering themselves, then how do the perennial ducklings ever get ahead? ;)

  2. lol pish posh! everyone should be awesome dear Brigid!

    Do you really enjoy engaging in "special" conversations with the personality challenged?


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