And the Giraffe

So I a while back I wrote and tweeted that Feist's new album put me to sleep and that I found this to be shameful because I loved her so.

Well peep this...A lovely fellow from a band called And the Giraffe contacted me and asked if I'd listen to some of their I did.

Why you ask? Well let's first begin with the fact that DUDES were reading my blog and that rarely happens. (Something about girls talking about poop, toots and bow ties scares them away I think.) Second they're comparing themselves to Feist...even though Metals is so chill it's like vocal lavender to my ears, I still love the woman! If you say you're in that same genre then by golly I will check you out!

And the Giraffe did not disappoint. (Ha ha...see how you can turn the band's name into all kinds of cool stuff? It's like saying to, too [tutu])

Any who, I digress. The main singer's voice is lovely...I can tell the guys are young, but he's an old soul for sure. Maybe some REM...I can't quite put my finger and thumbs on his voice, but it's a gooooood voice.
These dudes need to blow up. For all my three readers, you should help them blow the heck up. (Superstardom kind...not the bomb-y kind.) We could be their band aids and have our own documentary one day. Or maybe we'll just have a couple more snazzy songs in our collection. Either way we totally win.

Christmas is coming up...lots of folks do Christmas albums with their buds. Put one of their songs on there and when people ask about the cool sounding REM dude you can say, "Oh you mean And the Giraffe? Yeah they're this totally new band that I sooo discovered and I'm totally cool without even having to rock hipster clothes OR making a bow chicka wow wow tape.

THINK about it...

My favorite track so far is Still..."Gonna be a star some day"

Ambient dream-folk music that DOESN'T put me too sleep!


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