Brain Farts

New Year's Eve: I could totally see that movie. I usually avoid such actor hodge podges...The bigger the known cast, the more terrible the flick is. I can't help myself, though. It's holiday-ish and it's about smiles and happiness. I swear around this time of the year I stick candy canes up my butt and holly and good cheer come spewing out.

Twins: It's seriously cool as beans having a boyfriend with a twin. Yesterday I worked at their hizzouse and the bro sat with me while I typed away and did my work thug thizzle. I swear it was like I was sitting with Jersey. I had to remind myself not to toot or start up weird conversations about random ish that only Jersey could handle. It's that comfortable...they're the same, but yet not. (Dramatic music)

Book Fever: It's gonna be awhile before I get my final book edits back and I freaking can't wait! 2012 is the year! I received some great information about publishers and how to best promote my book to them. (Basically you don't. I'll ePublish and see where it takes me.)

The iPad Generation

This kid will one day rule the world!


We're leaving Jersey today and going home to this. I know you're thinking I'm a lucky duck, but it's Christmas time. Palm trees at Christmas are just WEIRD.

Never thought I'd say it, but I'll miss the land of Umpa Lumpa Orange-faced folks with Snookie bump-its and funny accents.

Mostly because of the folks here...not necessarily the actual state. (I'm such a hater...)

In all the Thanksgiving break was lovely. Now it's back to the grind. Sigh...


Holy turkey balls, I am in crumb snatcher kiddo heaven!!!

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is my favorite time of the year...well, at least it is when you're living in Los Angeles (or Jersey apparently!) I don't know how we did it, but Jersey and I brought La La weather to the East coast. It's been perfectly cool and brisk. I couldn't have asked for lovelier Turkey Day weather!

Unfortunately, we leave on Wednesday. I hear it's in the 80s back home. That kind of information makes me arse twitch. It's almost Christmas for Pete's sake! When we get home I plan to put up all the Christmas decorations we have and THEN find the most beautiful wreath in the world and hang it on our door. We'll be in Middle Earth for the actual holiday, but I care not. I'm not bah-humbugging my favorite holiday.

Hopefully, this will hint to Mama Nature to cut that ish out! Get coooooold!

I asked my mom on speaker phone yesterday what she wanted for Christmas...In front of Jersey AND his twin bro she told us all what she wanted for Christmas was a ring on her daughter's finger and a bun in the oven. (I swear we all about shat a green, red and white brick.)

Note to self: Teach mother not to ask Santa for crazy ish.

Bye Toby!

So...Toby is no more. Sniff.

A woman at my job really wanted an eReader super bad and since I no longer use the guy (iPad trumped) I figured it was selfish to hang on to him.

The minute I gave him away I regretted it, though. I was tweeting last week and OPRAH tweeted me back and told me not to give the guy away...told me to keep it for posterity...

I tried to renig on the offer, but the woman looked so crushed...

Sorry Oprah for not listening, but you TOTALLY would have given your kindle up if you would have seen this woman's face. Now, you probably would have snatched it right back the minute you heard her say she was still gonna buy one for her husband (I boiled inside) but whatever...

Bye Toby. Thanks for all the good times. You shall be missed!

Beauty & Essex

Beauty & Essex was an amazing restaurant Jersey and his best friend took us to on Saturday night. Located on the lower East side, this restaurant is one of those sneaky, cool places that isn't what it seems.

From the outside it looks like a cool pawn shop. We actually hesitated, wondering if we had come to the right place. Then the magic door opens and you walk into dim decadence. It's beautiful fancy schmancy awesomeness.

Luck, Jersey's bud is a manager there so he spoiled us rotten. We started out with champagne and the scrumptious tapas kept coming and coming...and coming.

I tried the Beauty Elixir drink {oxley gin, cucumber, strawberry, sparkling rosé} and my eyes rolled back.

I've been to New York a few times now, but this was the first time I felt like I was getting a great dose of what I always imagined the night life to be. The young and beautiful filled the rooms of the place, toasting and laughing the night away.

It was magic...thinking the homemade donuts had something to do with that, though...

Food For Thought


Word to your mother...

Mood Lips


Someone gave me this delightful mood lipstick the other day and I finally tried it out. Groovy stuff I must say. I felt like a total little kid putting it on...especially considering it's green in the case.

My coworkers were giggling as it turned pinker and pinker. I cared not. My little accident is going to be the new hotness. JUST YOU WAIT!

Short Stranger

I'm waiting for Danny Devito to ring my doorbell!

Gratitude is the Attitude

I'm finally getting what it means to be truly thankful for what I have. While I still luv to pin wish list items to my little kiwi heart's content, deep down I'm satisfied and appreciative of all that I have.

J and I list three things we're grateful for each morning via email. It's gotten to a point where I get excited to tell her what I'm thankful for..and it can be as randomly funky as sushi socks. There's a gift in finding the joy in what you have; there's a gift in finding the joy in knowing you need for nothing, too.

♥ Grateful for Oprah's newest show on OWN called Vissionaries. I drool listening to these creative folks discuss their passions and talents.

♥ Grateful I can sew. I just mended my grandpa's sweater I stole from him in high school.

♥ Grateful for Popeyes chicken!!! Jersey picked us up some. I just wasn't feeling the whole cooking salmon cakes that require fancy ish like nut flour. The last time we had fried chicken was probably a year or two ago. It's a special gift in this fitness household.

♥ Grateful I can walk! I just received word I'll be going into surgery December 7th. I won't be able using the foot for a while so I'm gonna enjoy that ish now! I ran about 10 minutes more than I normally would today because of that.

♥ Grateful for my health!

♥ Grateful for my friends and family. I have two kiwi-rific sisters living in South Korea doing the dang thing. I have two parents who are almost as goofy as I am; a best friend who practices perfect reciprocal love and a boyfriend who allows me to be my goofy arse self AND signed an actual relationship contract years ago which says I can tickle him all I want to.

♥ Grateful for music!

♥ Grateful for my home! I love our place. I love how we've made it our own...adding art and furniture that makes us feel warm, cozy and calm. 
♥ Grateful for my writing! I write every day and have for years and I still enjoy it every day. EVERY DAY!

...And I'm grateful for the people who read and keep reading. It's nice that my words find homes. Thank you!!!

Bad Ass Baubles


I love rocking Jersey's watch with my ish. I'm constantly getting in trouble because I never ask, but I can't help it. I've always flocked to boyish things...He has to watch me when I start to mosey on over to his side of the closet. I eye his clothes like a pimp eyes a cane...

Only in La La Land

I was walking with a friend the other day and came across the cutest little dog and her fascinating human.

They found the dog in the street, shivering and lost so they took her home and now she's a spoiled, lucky pup. She's like those girls from that show Rags to Riches. Do you remember that show?! Loved it.

The pup was wearing three layers of warmth. There was an undershirt, a t-shirt and a coat. The humans are moving this lady to the East coast soon. I'm pretty sure they're going to have to knit her a cocoon.

A chihuahua in a cocoon. Sounds like a children's book.

Lobster Business

It's really great having this guy around...

Breaking Dawn: The Group Date

Breaking Dawn, Part I ROCKED!  I'm not ashamed to admit I actually cried through parts of it. I just love this damn story so very much.

All you pretentious book snobs can turn up your noses. I need not your approval! (Guilty pleasures never really need those anyway.)

A huge group of friends met Jersey and I up at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks on Saturday to check out the flick, which totally made my heart burst with joy...especially considering there were dudes watching that ish with us, too. Don't let Jersey's gangster fool you; he wore Jacob-inspired cutoffs in honor of the movie.

I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet. I'll just say it was the best one so far and it's gonna hurt like hades waiting for the next and final one to come out NEXT YEAR...cruel beasts those darn producers.


Celina went to the Versace opening at H&M before the flick

Some of the ladies

Some of the fellas

Two newbies joined the group! Our Spartan team from last year reunited on the same day AGAIN!

I was floating on a hyper high cloud

Best movie introducer we've ever had. Had me wiggling in my seat and clapping hard

The Agent Has Spoken

My agent sent back the pics she liked most so I'm now in the process of updating all the web sites an actor has to update when they're trying to make it...LA Casting, Casting Frontier, blah blah blah...

The unlucky actors who aren't fortunate enough to be discovered at the ATM have to do this sort of thing. We post and then wait and wait and wait some more for our agent to pimp us out to the masses for an audition.

I'm so glad I at least have the pictures to pimp out. Thank GOODNESS for Vanie and her wonderful eye. I love that darn lady. Best photo shoot I've ever been on. I'd join her cult. I'd drink the kool-aid. I'll thank her behind when I win my first Oscar. Mark my words.

Saving Grace


I have finished a round of edits that I received back in May 2011. I worked all Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

One glass of red wine and two cups of coffee later, I was hitting send and twitching like a mofo. I'm so happy I FINALLY did this. I don't know what got into me. I started to get really scared that my book would never be published and those thoughts crippled my fingers. I just couldn't touch those pages.

The fact that it's almost the end of the year stirred me into action. I feel 30 pounds lighter, y'all.

I'm going on three years...I've been working on this book for three years!!!


So my editor I hired gave me back awesome feedback the last time. I had to change a bunch of chapters around...combine stuff, take out all the blog entries (whaaaa?!) and add more time-friendly stuff. Even the title changed on that bad boy! It's no longer a memoir, dear friends....more a collection of short stories about all the ish that a dreamer goes through when trying to go after the big fish.

My editor has oodles of stuff on her plate, so I don't expect any feedback for a long, long time, but I still feel super close and relieved that I've stopped slacking.

To be continued...

The Diva's Day

Yesterday was my pal's birthday. She's a new mom so I offered to babysit her little one for the night so that she could dine with her hubby and see the new Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn. Best birthday idea EVER BTW...She's a clever minx.

She's a clever and cooky thang. Gotta support those kind.

Like me, Dara has to wear her favorite thing on her favorite day...kindred spirids we are.

You KNOW she had to rock a vamp ring

Told ya...homie don't play, fools!

Ready to go out and about!

Toe Socks

One of the gals from my book club bought these for me because I geeked out over hers. Besides the fact that it's wonky weird having each toe personally hugged, they rock! They have little suction cup thingies on the bottom so it's impossible for me to bunk my butt when I'm sliding through my home.

Hard wood floors were not made for the dorky, accident-prone.

The Saga Continues! │ Breaking Dawn

Holy cold vampire balls! Twilight has arrived!!! mwahahahahahahaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I warn folks now my inner Twihard will be fierce for a couple days...Don't be surprised if I start crying for Edward's pain and Bella's courage.

A huge group of us (men and women) are going on Saturday to see the new flick. I'm about to explode with glee. Even Jersey is going! (I'm assuming it's because Mr. Loverchini is coming.)

I haven't been this excited for a flick in a loooong time. Since the last Twilight flick actually.

Nefertiti Gold


Oh how I adore nail polish...My nails are ridiculously brittle, but that doesn't stop me from admiring and even stroking other chicks' nails. (I've been doing that ish since I was a kid...just ask my mom...It used to bug the ish out of her!)

I picked up a bottle of this lovely color for Celina recently because she's the goddess of all things gold. (Just now noticing that we're both really into gifts, but I got her this as a birfday gift...) We tested it out on Jersey to make sure it worked okay with her skin and of course it's perfect.

There's something about giving gifts that I just love to pieces. When I find that little (or big) something that makes someone's heart pitter pat because they know I was aiming for their heart strings then I've done my duty.

Only I want like 18 different deborah lippmann colors including this dark (almost black) green.


These two are next on my list...

Galion by NARS & Single Ladies:


Ethos ~ the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society; dominant assumptions of a people or period.

I feel like things are changing... For the first time ever I'm feeling this intense happiness and joy with life and it's totally bleeding out into my pasttimes. I'm a contributing writer for and because of that work I'm frequently blessed with events that inspire and cultivate positive vibes.

A couple weeks ago when J was in town we hosted this event with AT&T that was so amazing. I kind of wanted to cry (just a little bit) because the women were so open and up for doing something lovely for themselves. Smiles everywhere; people engaged and ready to learn about healthy stuffaroo...It was a fantastical day.

I think my little community of friends and aquaintences' ethos are full of passions involving bettering oneself and seeing the beauty in things...This year started out SO tumultuous with lots of break ups and closures. Everything was broken and scattered, but it's slowly starting to come back together in this glorious way.

What that means for the last of what this year has: A belief in my writing. I've had some really kind and generous people share comments about my writing...even had a couple of people start hitting up this little biddy site for help and support. It's time to finish the last of my book edits and then research the crap out of the publishing world. This time I'm pursuing dreams with eyes wide open, people!

For me, it's all about holding on...riding the sentiments of the dreamers of the world and believing it can be.

All of this is leading me to a better understanding of my value. And that's always a swell thing to find!


Photo by Dave Sambilay


The celestial Celina brought these lovelies to me this week and I've been hovering around them like a horny bee.

I dig pillowy flowers...I used to love calla lilies like it was nobody's business, but after I started noticing that most people rocked them at funerals I had a change of can only be reminded of death for so long before you have to choose a new bud.

So now it's peonies and hydrangeas and gerber daisies...FLUFFY! It's all about the FLUFFY!

I'm trying to soak up as much bloom as possible because next week we're gonna be in Jersey...the land of steel and grime, smoke and crime. (That rhymed!) There's no blooming happening in the Garden State right now, oh no!

Unless blooming is a new gangster term for shooting up the PoPo...

Reading Rainbow

...Just take a's in a book...READING RAINBOW ♪♫♪

Man do I LOVE my book club! It's four of the best women I tell ya! The pot we've created is diverse as verse can be...we've got the boisterous gal who's so full of life it bursts from her fingertips (I actually catch myself watching her nails when she's that intense.) We've got the quiet, sophisticated lassie who's a closet dork/geek just like me, and a sweetheart sassy gal. Together we form an unlikely pair of perfect bookworms and we're only getting bigger.

Our next night is three weeks away and we'll have a new chicadee joining. This is when I love being around groups of women! You get intelligent, strong-minded women in a room talking about what makes them tick, what they admire, what they loathe, and what they empathize with in a character and you've got one happy Tishy!

I'm still reeling over last night's conversation. Themes of self-sacrifice, identity concerns and societal pressures were all hot buttons of the night.

Books are our sacred cows and we're not afraid to love them.

Next on the list: Little Bee.

Strong women all wearing the bracelet that was made for the cause. Called the tribute bracelet it was kind of perfect considering tributes were buzz words in our last book series, The Hunger Games.

The wine flows plenty...

Snapshots of a Wish

I've wanted this camera for sooo long. I think everyone thought I'd get over my obsession with documenting and snapping, but I've been that way since I was a kid and it just keeps on keeping on.

When I get my first real acting gig GUESS what Tishy's getting...

I shall name him Apollo after the god of light, truth and the sun. Make sense to me!

And the Giraffe

So I a while back I wrote and tweeted that Feist's new album put me to sleep and that I found this to be shameful because I loved her so.

Well peep this...A lovely fellow from a band called And the Giraffe contacted me and asked if I'd listen to some of their I did.

Why you ask? Well let's first begin with the fact that DUDES were reading my blog and that rarely happens. (Something about girls talking about poop, toots and bow ties scares them away I think.) Second they're comparing themselves to Feist...even though Metals is so chill it's like vocal lavender to my ears, I still love the woman! If you say you're in that same genre then by golly I will check you out!

And the Giraffe did not disappoint. (Ha ha...see how you can turn the band's name into all kinds of cool stuff? It's like saying to, too [tutu])

Any who, I digress. The main singer's voice is lovely...I can tell the guys are young, but he's an old soul for sure. Maybe some REM...I can't quite put my finger and thumbs on his voice, but it's a gooooood voice.
These dudes need to blow up. For all my three readers, you should help them blow the heck up. (Superstardom kind...not the bomb-y kind.) We could be their band aids and have our own documentary one day. Or maybe we'll just have a couple more snazzy songs in our collection. Either way we totally win.

Christmas is coming up...lots of folks do Christmas albums with their buds. Put one of their songs on there and when people ask about the cool sounding REM dude you can say, "Oh you mean And the Giraffe? Yeah they're this totally new band that I sooo discovered and I'm totally cool without even having to rock hipster clothes OR making a bow chicka wow wow tape.

THINK about it...

My favorite track so far is Still..."Gonna be a star some day"

Ambient dream-folk music that DOESN'T put me too sleep!

Oh Yea!

So my Twinkie is in South Africa right now taking care of baby monkeys. She'll be there for four whole long weeks. In that time I must figure out a way to amuse myself...this could be hard considering she sends me stuff like this on a daily basis.

Gods of a sister out!

Elmo Thrusts!


For the jewelry party this weekend I served the ladies different tarts from this place in West Hollywood called Fruute.

This really beautiful hippie chick was waiting for us bright and early Saturday morning right as they opened with our boxes in hand. The shop is artsy fartsy minimalist and the tarts themselves are divine.

I tried the three berries which was heaven in sweet tiny splendor. The girls were timid picking those bad bitties up, but once they started they disappeared fast.

I think every woman needs a day of sweet treat spoils. There's something in our blood that demands a good treat, mani, pedi and chat.

Those are my thoughts anyways...

Love honoring my estrogen folks!


I am loving this show! Anyone watching it?

Jersey and I haven't quite mastered our new TV ish. There's something about DirectTV that just befuddles the stuffins out of me. So while we love the show, we can't seem to ever watch it unless we're huddled around my laptop.

It's worth it though. Cute lead, interesting story lines, jumpy parts, fun parts, and magical beasts...

I love this fall's television programming...which is sort of bad considering I am really trying to read more.

Grimm is based loosely off Grimm's Fairy Tales which WERE books...That count?

Hubba Hubba

Toe Up From the Floor Up


I love doctor posts. I have no shame. So I've had this weird bump on my foot for a year or so now. It started hurting a couple weeks ago when J was in town so I made a doc appointment. Turns out it's a cyst...and needed a HUGE arse needle. He aspirated that bad boy then looked at me puzzled because nothing drained out.

He then shot it up with cortisone. If that bump doesn't go bye bye by next Friday then he has to cut it out of me. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a Pisces and Pisces have issues with feet? Fun times.

Woke up the next morning after the shots and it was bruised and still puffy. Crossing my toes!

The doc gave me a green bandage! Schaaa-wing!

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