Van Morrison

There are just certain songs out there in the world that are good enough to stop me in my tracks and make me start swaying to the music.

Van Morrison's "Someone Like You" reduces me to puddles. There's a little sighing involved and then the day dreams of some beautiful love story comes floating in. It's definitely an old school love story because all of this bull crap rom com out there lately isn't cutting it.

I heard this song yesterday morning while I was in the shower and had to stop mid lather and swoon really quick. The burning sensation in my eyes was totally worth it.

Makes me want old school Jessica Tandy hair from Tootsie. I imagine my Jessica Tandy hair would glow in the sunlight and then some photographer would happen to walk by, become smitten with my feathered hair and instantly grab for his camera...all in order to capture love at first sight.  (Please don't analyze any of that feathered blond hair ish.)

Darn good sessay song...


  1. I <3 Van. Into the Mystic and Brown Eyed Girl are two of my favorites.

  2. oooo! you have good taste! ♥!


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