Texas Roots Found

I really didn't think it would ever be possible, but I have found decent BBQ in the West!!!
I hail from Kansas City...the home of perfect BBQ so I'm a bit of a snot when it comes to this kind of cuisine. People in California don't know jack about meat. If you hear someone say they're grilling or BBQing, they are more than likely cooking up some carne asada. That is NOT BBQ people!

Thank God for Jersey!

He was the one who found this place. It sooo reminded me of Tejas. I got a bit sentimental when I saw the longhorn skull...and then my twang came out and it was alllll good.

These people know how to rub meat. They know how to marinate meat, smoke the meat...These people know meat!!!

If you ever have a hankering for good BBQ I recommend Smoke City Market in Sherman Oaks. Try the
Texas oysters and the red cabbage. You will DIE!


  1. That place sounds so good:) Yum! Have a great morning, sweetie.


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