Sweet Butter Was Butta

Jersey and I are back to exploring and trying new places in LA. On Sunday we tried a lovely spot in Sherman Oaks called Sweet Butter Kitchen. There was lots of yummy treats to choose from. (I personally cackled when I saw the green pasta with eyeballs and the for real deviled eggs.)

I will say I'm totally green when it comes to the Frenchy foods on the menu. I had NO clue what some of the words were...and if I don't know what's in it, I won't try it unless I have a pro sitting across from me who can order for me...That would have been Jersey and I don't think so. T.O., the sensitive football celebrity, was also sitting across from me but he was the wrong kind of pro too.

When in doubt go for the favorite salad. In my case, that meant ordering a tuna nicoise which was yumdiddlyumptious. Jersey was grumbling because his portions were the kind of portions folks SHOULD be eating when they go out...He eats like a frickin teenage boy though so he ate his eggy yummy sandwich, his roasted potatoes with peppers and half of my ish. I swear sometimes the Bermuda Triangle is in his gut.

If you're in the mood for a lovely,sweet brunch Sweet Butter is the place to go. It's in Sherman Oaks...right on Ventura Blvd so you can people watch.


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