Perfectly Normal

Man was my weekend the bomb diggity!

Friday Jersey and I met up with a group of friends to see Incubus at the Hollywood Bowl.

Saturday I had to have a cavity filled which wasn't so lovely, but the pain pill to numb that ish out was! So was the pizza and watermelon lemonade I had after the pill kicked in. Later that night we headed over to the Loverchinis' home. Mr. Loverchini is a fabulous chef. He made the most divine dinner for us. We ate, we drank and we had fascinating dinner conversation. If ever there was a time I felt like a big kid, it was definitely that night.

Sunday I woke up, put on some workout gear and headed to Santa Monica for a lovely little homework assignment for the Fit Bottomed Girls. Met up with Jersey down the street from there randomly and headed over to Culver City to see some of our buds from his home state before they got on a plane and left this sunny little state of ours. We grocery shopped and watched some television together and then Mr. Jersey left for a basketball game and I pulled out Stella and read some more of the second book in the Hunger Games series with a glass (or two) of wine.

...I haven't had time to sit on me arse in a really long time. I so enjoyed being lazy...Having much ado about nothing was just what the gangsta ordered.


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