One Degree of Separation

So I'm watching the movie Burlesque and I see this one actress that was one of the first actresses I met out here in Los Angeles. She was super sweet and helpful on set that first day...but then later our paths crossed again in a really random dramatic way. (Basically one of my ex best friends was her mortal enemy) After she figured out that I was associated with her the nasty came out.

She sent the friend a letter once and started talking about how mousy and plain I was and how I'd never make it in Hollywood...and I always think of those words when I see her. Do you know how weird and surreal it is to live in LA and have connections to people that have wished ill on you...then see them striving in the dream you've always wanted for yourself?

It's weird!!! Acting is such a conundrum. I can't wish bad things on this chick. I can't be upset that she's found a way into the biz and I haven't...yet, but man...

It's hard not to believe her words sometimes when she obviously knows more about the business. I'm hoping this will be a silly post some day that I can look back on and laugh...Some lovely lesson I share with you all about not letting others define you or decide whether or not your dream is doable.

...I started this post pre-illness. I caught up on my Oprah classes while I was down and out and heard a lovely little lesson about words. We choose to give words power. Looks like I'll be doing some spine straightening techniques for awhile.


  1. Just found your blog via your comment on The Daybook. (Well that doesn't sound stalkerish at all.)...anywho, keep up the excellent posting and I'm sorry someones bad mouthing about you. It always hurts.


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