Model Me Up Scotty!


A pal approached me a couple weeks ago and asked me if I'd like to do this modeling/buy makeup gig at a Nordies in the valley and I jumped on that like a black couple jumps a broom at a wedding!

We got to choose which makeup we'd like for the artists to play in and I chose NARS. I LOVE me some NARS. Great pigments, stays without looking cakie gross, and doesn't make one look like a hot tranny mess. I won't name the makeup line that indeed does make one look like a hot tranny mess. (ahem)

I'm not getting paid for this mess. I won't be discovered while marching down a catwalk...this is strictly something fun and playful gals can do if they're in the mood to play dress up and want to get gussied up.

The Voguing begins on Saturday morning. Be on the lookout for awesome sauce pictures!!!


  1. fun! I can't wait for those pictures!

    I need to know more about makeup...and skin care etc.

    Not that there is anything wrong with the drugstore/target. But I figure at some point I am going to have to graduate from clean & clear. :)

    Pleeeease share your likes (and that dislike) I'm all ears!

  2. oooo! I LOVE these kinds of requests! Email me dear and I'll be glad to recommend some goodies that aren't too expensive, but work wonders. I still get mascara and nail polish from the drugstore. Don't get it twisted lol. Sometimes it's just fun to spoil yourself in the madness.

  3. How FUN! Can't wait to see the VOGUE-ing on Saturday!
    Thanks for entering the jewellery giveaway contest on Fashionhogger!


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