A Market for Farmers


I really did miss my old neighborhood. I missed the farmer's market most of all. Every Sunday they shut down the streets and the groovy people come out to play and sell their stuff. My favorite person this go around was the lady selling foods from Afghanistan. She was a fast talking, hot little mama who called every one babe and honey. You didn't think you wanted to try her breads with three different sauce mixes, but she didn't care. She'd stick that concoction in your hand and magically you'd start eating. I swear I ate like four different things...and by then she had me hooked...I had to have more!!! So I bought this pumpkin bolani and ONE hummus and got away from there before I bought every dang thing.

I also wrestled some kale, green pluots and pretty flowers away from some hippies. Not really, but it sounded pretty bad arse, no? I bought the kale, green pluots and flowers...I just didn't have to smack daisies out of anyone's hair is all I'm saying.

It was a nice Sunday morning...


  1. This should be one of those things we (occasionally) do together ;)


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