The Living Room

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." ~Maya Angelou

I'm starting to hear the faint sounds of "Lufa" Vandross..."A chair is still a chair..."

The place is coming along. I've got OoOodles more to add, but my wallet is gasping for air so I'm gonna rest its beautiful little leather heart for awhile and chill the heck out. I still need stuff to put on either side of the fireplace, more pillows(!!!), something for the coffee table, a painting we've commissioned a four-year-old to paint and THEN the living area shall be at peace.

The coffee table something I wrote of earlier is a book that I've been wanting for some time. I went into a book store yesterday to pet it for awhile and let it know that I'll be buying it soon. A woman near me watched as I stroked and then asked about the book...I told her it was fabulous and perfect and the love of my life (clearly not clueing in that she was studying my drool) and BAM! She took and bought my book. (Doe eyes...single tear)

I won't curse her because I said the wallet's taking a vacay, BUT my eyes are green with jealousy.

* * * All photos by Jersey * * *


  1. That light is blinding -- and fawesome!


    love your's so great!

    ( you love your rug?) of these days I am going to email you about face-stuff. swear it.

  3. :) I LOVE my rug!!! BUT it's still in the process of doing this weird shedding thing they warned me about. They said it will stop but for the moment it's a hot, hot mess.

    Email me!!!


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