The Hunger Games

The Jersey/Tish Book Challenge

So yeah, I won the challenge. Jersey did read Andre Agassi's book,Open, but it backfired on me. He loved it so much he couldn't just read any ole thing. He had to read something as intriguing and captivating as that and I came up blank.

"You sure you don't want to read The Princess and the Penis babe?"... crickets and butt twitches.

So my three books were easy. I asked him to get me three books that a librarian friend has been egging me to read for a year and some change.

The books... (trumpets please)

The Hunger Games Trilogy!!!

Duh duh duh DuuuuuuhhhhHHHHhhhhhh

Everyone and their mama loves this darn trilogy so it is time. I guess those first editions I wanted so very badly will just have to wait. It's time to get my YA on!


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