Happy Halloween!!!

This is our first official Halloween as big kids with candy!

We have our own stoop, door and doorbell which means we can have trick-or-treaters! Woo to the booooooo! We carved the pumpkin this weekend. It was Jersey's first time EVER carving a pumpkin. Can you believe that? I let him cut the hat and scoop out the pumpkin brains...It was only right.

He had a blast with it which surprised the heck out of me. He's never  been a crazy Halloweenie like me and my fam bam...now I know why. It's ALL about the pumpkin yo. ALL ABOUT THE PUMPKIN! I love my pumpkins face. I actually carved him to look like he has a tongue. That takes gangsta skill...Just saying.

This is our little guy...my pumpkin baby. His name is Boo Reilly.


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