Gratitude for the Gal

I don't know if I can ever write or stress enough how important my friendship with J is. In last night's book club we got on the subject of truth, loyalty and friendship and of course that lead to my bestie.

She's such a positive force...She's the kind of awesome force you want to reckon with. She reads these darn blogs every day and always sends me little encouraging notes and I swear they have the ability to make me beam. It can be a bit emotional actually. When you're truly grateful for an individual that happens. (The tears and heart explosions that is.)

I'm a lucky, lucky gal.

We email and chat every day. I mean EVERY day. We've done that since our Freshmen year of college...and it NEVER gets old. We champion each other on and try to pull out the best in each other...while still being wise enough to know that some days we just need to vent some snarkiness and then we do and then we laugh and then we feel better.

Do you have a soul mate like that? The kind of person that you can seriously share everything with and know it's okay to do so? She has my flat side and then some.



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