Found My Next Bud!


Her name is Chelsea and she has a realty tv show on MTV called Chelsea Settles. I randomly caught it the other night when I was sick and on my death bed. Somewhere between death and consciousness I fell in LOVE with this sweet young thang.

I mean, haven't we ALL cried for our mamas when we've moved away to Los Angeles?! Haven't we ALL walked into fancy schmancy shops and been treated like we've marched in with bags of poop? Well I have and I LOVE putting people under my wing so you see why she needs to be my friend.

I'm gonna make her my friend. It's settled!

Ha! Ha! Get it? Get it?

I've invited her to a FitBottomedGirl event coming up. If you're interested, and live in Southern California you're welcome, too. BTW...


  1. That is so cool:) Have fun, you two! Kisses and hugs, sunshine.

  2. lol ha! we're not actually buds yet you silly...this is all in my head presently:)


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