El Baño

I need to win the lottery! I need to learn patience! I need to stop using exclamation marks!!!

Out of all the different areas of our new place none of that ish is complete except for one of our bathrooms.  NONE OF IT! Some of you are asking what the big deal is...It takes some people a full year to fully unpack and settle in to a place, but we're not normal folks...We had everything unpacked and put away the first weekend we moved in.

The thought of something being unfinished makes my butt twitch...


  1. you crack me up! you have such a fun attitude and blog. I'm the same way though, I hate things being unfinished and always unpack within a few days. my friend just moved like 2 months ago and still has boxes everywhere, I don't even like going there!

  2. We are kindred spirits then! Oooo weeeee does my butt twitch over some unfinished projects! I just found out from the guy I'm not allowed to buy any other big furniture pieces either. (We're saving for an overseas trip) so I'm really gonna have some twitch pains.


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