Chapter 15


Yesterday morning I woke up to an email from my boss proclaiming mad respect and accolades for one of my team members. It's not that this chick didn't deserve that's just that I and our other team homie deserved that kind of email too because the three of us are really busting our asses...

I was throwing stuff around the room (Jersey looking on with humor twinkling in his eye) as I slammed doors and made "hmph" sounds. I went into work pissy as heck knowing something had to change. I've been really stressed about a promotion and getting back the title I was supposed to have in the first place. No more...

With purpose I wrote in my planner, "Must edit for one hour tonight!!!" and circled that bad boy. Then I came home and I edited for an hour and TWO minutes. I covered 20 pages, writing frantically until my wrist hurt.

Oodles more to edit but at least I picked the durn pen back up. Gotta keep being proactive in being the change I wish to see...right?


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