Bru's Wiffle


I visited the cutest little waffle spot in Santa Monica called Bru's Wiffle last weekend. The orange juice was fresh squeezed, yet didn't take the enamel off my teeth. The waffle was light and perfect and didn't make me feel like I had just given birth to a waffle brick. The potatoes, the eggs, the turkey sausage...well it was all just a little slice of heaven.

I always want to stay at these types of places longer than I do. I want to sit back with my laptop or a good book, sip my juice and enjoy the place that has the kind of food that leaves people smiling and content.

Jersey was so content he came home and started whipping up his own waffles. Contentment takes many shapes apparently...sometimes contentment looks like an inspired chef.

“It is my most religious belief that a recipe is just a story that ends with a good meal.”~Pat Conroy


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