The Book Club

The ultimate bookworm par-tay went down last night in the casa de kiwi. I started reading The Hunger Games and then hipped Celina to that madness. She shared the love with two of her pals, Meli and Glenda and voila! Instant book club magic! I've been to one book club in the past...but it featured my brilliant ex roommate who was a professor at USC so I wasn't really feeling like it counted since I barely spoke up. THIS was my first real book club rendezvous.

It was the perfect mix of intelligent women, good wine, delicious conversation (that had NOTHING to do with the book), and of course fabulous plot breakdowns that had us all impressed and drooling at the mouth.

I think a gal's first book club should focus on getting to know the folks. Opening up about a book releases all your demons! All of that stuff you're not supposed to share with strangers like politics and moral compasses get shared. A book club is more than a cozy circle of folks talking about chapters and foreshadowing. It's the catalyst that helps you release everything the book inspired in your noggin.

Luckily the gals were dope and didn't throw wine in my face for some of my thoughts and opinions on characters...Who I loved and who I wanted to bitch slap. Even some of my lofty comparisons to society at large were embraced. I think I may have just found my book soul mates.


  1. Rockin! Love to see literate ladies getting their opinions on. I need one of these.


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