Blissing out the Buds

It's been a long time since I've removed my head from sphincter and done something for another to bring them bliss. I figured I'd start the bounty of blissful moments with my gal pal Celina. She's such a lovely soul. She's this ball of creativity and life...she radiates success and happiness. She's kind of addicting to be around I must say. So I just had to find her bliss and it wasn't hard. 

I tend to gravitate towards gals with good eyes for fashion. Celina is in that group. She's the kind of girl that can just pull through piles of shat you've written off and come out looking like a flipping runway model. So it was easy bliss...I just had to turn shopping into something more than some superficial shallow experience and WHAT.DO.YOU.KNOW I had just such an adventure under my belt.
My play sis has recommended this magic stylist to me a couple months ago so when I got back to Los Angeles I wrote the stylist and she told me to come on by... I've been sitting on this awesome, top secret stylist's layer for a couple months now... I told Celina I was kidnapping her for some shopping. She came over loaded with whine and excitement and we set off for the secret layer.

It was an awesome surprise. She ran around like a little school girl plucking through juicy morsels of inspiration.  It was some great bliss to dish out!

I wasn't kidding when I said this place was hidden like a mofo

Wine in the coffee cups...classy but oh-so-necessary for fun shopping


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