American Horror Story


This show scares the living snot out of me. I swear I tried to laugh it off but I can't handle scary, let alone scary that lingers and has no ending that I can freak out over and then work to forget. It comes back EVERY WEEK and it's some new jacked up, crazy story that leads me to freak out. I've had nightmares two nights in a row. We had a leak from the AC the other day. Caused me to wake up freaking out thinking someone was playing with my bathroom faucet. AC guys came out to fix it yesterday and when I got home I noticed that they had forgotten to shut the attic door...and turn off the darn light.
I FREAKED out thinking the ghosts from the show were in my house. I kept waiting for some man to be staring at me as I turned around. How did the creators of Glee create this show?! It's mind boggling.
If you're in to freaky deaky stuff and like to be tortured weekly then this is the show for you. As for me...I need to go invest in some depends because my poor body can't handle it!


  1. Hahahaha... I can't even believe you would attempt to watch this show.

    I'm also starting to think I'm the only person who is enjoying the show but does not find it scary. Weird, yes. Effed up, hells yeah. Scary? nope.
    Except those opening credits. That ish is creepy.

  2. Girl EVERYTHING scares me! EVERYTHING lol...Did you watch the video from the post I linked to? lol I'm a wimp!

  3. Hey Tish, The dude isn't wearing leather, it's latex, lol. It's some freaky sex stuff.


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