When Soon Can't Come Soon Enough


It's about to happen! The acting career, dream coming true...all of that good ish. I CAN FEEL IT! I've been feeling like it's gonna pick up and start getting serious for awhile now. Then last night one of my guy buds, Kenny, called to say his new film he just produced, Rampart, is premiering at the AFI Festival next Saturday and he wanted me to go...to Grauman's Chinese Theater...you know, the place where the magic happens...?The "red carpet holla at the celebrity while the teenage girl to your right claws at her face" place?

Yep...But he only has one ticket...ONE ticket and my best friend in the whole wide world will be in town to see me and I'm not that girl who ditches her fam bam. EVER.

So...I'm gonna start that whole acting dream ball thing rolling...it'll start rolling soon. Not Saturday...but soon!!!

When Rampart comes to your town go see it! Support the lucky!


So...I had bcc'd J on my email to Kenny telling him I'd make sure she brought an outfit just in case he got an extra ticket...She wrote me back with the quickness and told me I better go. So now I'm waiting for him to get back to me and say there's still a ticket...eeeks!!! I could have my first red carpet event...that I actually get to walk and not work from behind the backdrop.


“We can all reprogram our brain's responses by putting ourselves into new, initially uncomfortable situations. We'll learn fear might not mean 'stop'; I've come to believe fear usually means 'go.'” ~ Frances Moore Lappé

Sweet Butter Was Butta

Jersey and I are back to exploring and trying new places in LA. On Sunday we tried a lovely spot in Sherman Oaks called Sweet Butter Kitchen. There was lots of yummy treats to choose from. (I personally cackled when I saw the green pasta with eyeballs and the for real deviled eggs.)

I will say I'm totally green when it comes to the Frenchy foods on the menu. I had NO clue what some of the words were...and if I don't know what's in it, I won't try it unless I have a pro sitting across from me who can order for me...That would have been Jersey and I don't think so. T.O., the sensitive football celebrity, was also sitting across from me but he was the wrong kind of pro too.

When in doubt go for the favorite salad. In my case, that meant ordering a tuna nicoise which was yumdiddlyumptious. Jersey was grumbling because his portions were the kind of portions folks SHOULD be eating when they go out...He eats like a frickin teenage boy though so he ate his eggy yummy sandwich, his roasted potatoes with peppers and half of my ish. I swear sometimes the Bermuda Triangle is in his gut.

If you're in the mood for a lovely,sweet brunch Sweet Butter is the place to go. It's in Sherman Oaks...right on Ventura Blvd so you can people watch.

Happy Halloween!!!

This is our first official Halloween as big kids with candy!

We have our own stoop, door and doorbell which means we can have trick-or-treaters! Woo to the booooooo! We carved the pumpkin this weekend. It was Jersey's first time EVER carving a pumpkin. Can you believe that? I let him cut the hat and scoop out the pumpkin brains...It was only right.

He had a blast with it which surprised the heck out of me. He's never  been a crazy Halloweenie like me and my fam bam...now I know why. It's ALL about the pumpkin yo. ALL ABOUT THE PUMPKIN! I love my pumpkins face. I actually carved him to look like he has a tongue. That takes gangsta skill...Just saying.

This is our little guy...my pumpkin baby. His name is Boo Reilly.

It's Pretty Bad Ass


I know this is old, but I don't care. Last night I was feeling sickly and all I needed was feisty badger. Jersey was whining and complaining because I watch it a lot. (Thanks to my play sis, Chele!) Of COURSE as soon as I started playing it Jersey was crowding in trying to cut in on my personal delights.

Everybody needs a little badger in their life...

A Work Email

Person from Work: Hello All, I was saving this for the afternoon staff meeting, but out of all days as you know it has been cancelled. Just a heads up ..I’m expecting and I’m 16 weeks along. (4 months for those of you who don’t think in weeks.)

Me:  ...And I'm not the father. (sent to everyone)

Coworker: Whoever denied it supplied it.

Found My Next Bud!

Her name is Chelsea and she has a realty tv show on MTV called Chelsea Settles. I randomly caught it the other night when I was sick and on my death bed. Somewhere between death and consciousness I fell in LOVE with this sweet young thang.

I mean, haven't we ALL cried for our mamas when we've moved away to Los Angeles?! Haven't we ALL walked into fancy schmancy shops and been treated like we've marched in with bags of poop? Well I have and I LOVE putting people under my wing so you see why she needs to be my friend.

I'm gonna make her my friend. It's settled!

Ha! Ha! Get it? Get it?

I've invited her to a FitBottomedGirl event coming up. If you're interested, and live in Southern California you're welcome, too. BTW...

In my Spare Time


I practice sunning my face in the bask of the Hollywood glow

My headshots are in two weeks...It's a GRIP of money which means I really hope it pays off. It's time for a little hope and faith that doing something is better than sitting around wondering why things aren't happening.

Baby Jayhawks Melt My Butta

My buds kid is frickin so adorable. She put this lovely shirt on him because I was coming to visit...Totally worked. The minute I saw him I squealed like a pig.

When I'm With You

He's special...I wish I could say this little serenade was for my benefit, but he likes to hear the sound of his own unique voice. Yeah...

One Degree of Separation

So I'm watching the movie Burlesque and I see this one actress that was one of the first actresses I met out here in Los Angeles. She was super sweet and helpful on set that first day...but then later our paths crossed again in a really random dramatic way. (Basically one of my ex best friends was her mortal enemy) After she figured out that I was associated with her the nasty came out.

She sent the friend a letter once and started talking about how mousy and plain I was and how I'd never make it in Hollywood...and I always think of those words when I see her. Do you know how weird and surreal it is to live in LA and have connections to people that have wished ill on you...then see them striving in the dream you've always wanted for yourself?

It's weird!!! Acting is such a conundrum. I can't wish bad things on this chick. I can't be upset that she's found a way into the biz and I haven't...yet, but man...

It's hard not to believe her words sometimes when she obviously knows more about the business. I'm hoping this will be a silly post some day that I can look back on and laugh...Some lovely lesson I share with you all about not letting others define you or decide whether or not your dream is doable.

...I started this post pre-illness. I caught up on my Oprah classes while I was down and out and heard a lovely little lesson about words. We choose to give words power. Looks like I'll be doing some spine straightening techniques for awhile.

Halloweenies Still Ruling the World

I recently watched this PHENOMENAL documentary called Miss Representation. I recommend every gal watch it. It's up there with every woman needing to read the book Think by Lisa Bloom. If you don't have access to Oprah's channel then come to my place!

After I watched it, I pledged on Oprah's site to spread the word about some of the issues touched upon in the flick. Figured this would be a good start.

Dear Tish,

Last week, while browsing Walgreen’s pharmacy, I happened upon the Halloween section and spent some time looking around at what costumes were available for my children (both under two).

Like in so many other areas of society, the options were extremely limiting. The girl’s outfits were almost all centered on beauty and sexuality, while the boys were either professional (i.e. doctor) or violent (a majority of the boy's outfits included some kind of weapon).

I started to think about the impact of young girls being encouraged to dress up as sexy kittens while young boys are pushed towards hyper-masculinity and aggression.

Halloween seems to amplify our cultural trend of women being raised to manipulate their bodies and boys being taught to master their environments. With these costumes, are we again teaching girls to value themselves only for their beauty and boys to glorify violence? When are we going to provide a wider array of opportunities for our girls to portray characters that aren't easily objectified or sexualized? Where are the costumes for my daughter that actually represent power or authority?

It's not just about our children either. On PartyCity.com the Halloween page features a "Sexy Costumes" section. There are only women's costumes in this section. There's a clear imbalance here: is Halloween now for girls to dress sexy for men? The way we adults approach this holiday has a direct effect on how our kids view it. And with more and more of us participating in Halloween each year, it becomes critically important for us to think about that effect.

This Halloween I urge you to consider carefully how you dress yourself and your young ones. But since the costume stores aren’t displaying much creativity, we have to help each other come up with interesting and inspiring outfits.

We’re starting a campaign to collect positive and non-gendered Halloween costumes online. Post pictures or videos of your outfits on our Tumblr page and leave a sentence about why you chose it! Together we can start new trends and make Halloween a little less disconcerting for parents.


Jennifer Siebel Newsom
Writer, Director and Producer of Miss Representation


Miss Representation will re-air on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network November 12th at 11 AM ET in the US. Check your local listings for exact times. Find your OWN channel here.

Blissing out the Buds

It's been a long time since I've removed my head from sphincter and done something for another to bring them bliss. I figured I'd start the bounty of blissful moments with my gal pal Celina. She's such a lovely soul. She's this ball of creativity and life...she radiates success and happiness. She's kind of addicting to be around I must say. So I just had to find her bliss and it wasn't hard. 

I tend to gravitate towards gals with good eyes for fashion. Celina is in that group. She's the kind of girl that can just pull through piles of shat you've written off and come out looking like a flipping runway model. So it was easy bliss...I just had to turn shopping into something more than some superficial shallow experience and WHAT.DO.YOU.KNOW I had just such an adventure under my belt.
My play sis has recommended this magic stylist to me a couple months ago so when I got back to Los Angeles I wrote the stylist and she told me to come on by... I've been sitting on this awesome, top secret stylist's layer for a couple months now... I told Celina I was kidnapping her for some shopping. She came over loaded with whine and excitement and we set off for the secret layer.

It was an awesome surprise. She ran around like a little school girl plucking through juicy morsels of inspiration.  It was some great bliss to dish out!

I wasn't kidding when I said this place was hidden like a mofo

Wine in the coffee cups...classy but oh-so-necessary for fun shopping

Out Sick

I'm under the weather. I think an elephant sat on my chest. Jersey said I actually snored...SNORED! I don't snore. I don't know how long this little gem from Mama Nature will last so if you don't see a blog for awhile send chicken noodle soup and some vitamin C.

Feist │ Metals

Oh I love me some Feist but I have to say I fell asleep both times I tried to listen to the new album. It's mellow yellow man...

Calming to boot and while that's not a bad thing, it's not a good thing either.

NY Resolutions │ The Verdict

The year's almost over...the days are just whizzing by. I'm cognizant of the fact that this year is a blink away from being over so I looked back at my resolutions to see if I had been a good gal. Not so much...

Resolutions are funny things.

Res #1: Yeah! I learned to close the darn book and because I learned how to do that, I shimmied up more time for good books.
Res #2: While I did start working out more, this year has been super challenging for me. I just don't have the energy or umph that I used to have. This was a yes and no.
Res #3: The flight to South Korea is expensive yo!
Res #4: Luv & Kiwi hasn't blown up lol...Still have the same amount of readers.
Res #5: I'm sort of doing this...I waited until the last of the year but at least I'm starting to move, right?
Res #6: Woot woot! Decorating has been my joy lately.

Verdict: I don't know if resolutions really need to be my thing anymore. Why were they created again? Do people actually stick to that ish?

Gratitude for the Gal

I don't know if I can ever write or stress enough how important my friendship with J is. In last night's book club we got on the subject of truth, loyalty and friendship and of course that lead to my bestie.

She's such a positive force...She's the kind of awesome force you want to reckon with. She reads these darn blogs every day and always sends me little encouraging notes and I swear they have the ability to make me beam. It can be a bit emotional actually. When you're truly grateful for an individual that happens. (The tears and heart explosions that is.)

I'm a lucky, lucky gal.

We email and chat every day. I mean EVERY day. We've done that since our Freshmen year of college...and it NEVER gets old. We champion each other on and try to pull out the best in each other...while still being wise enough to know that some days we just need to vent some snarkiness and then we do and then we laugh and then we feel better.

Do you have a soul mate like that? The kind of person that you can seriously share everything with and know it's okay to do so? She has my flat side and then some.


Juice Bag

I posted something random on Twitter and used the word "Douchebag."

A Twitta pal then replied to my post which led to him telling me the cutest story:

"Yeah...He was driving and some guy cut him off. He mumbled something with douchebag in the sentence and then his daughter in the back seat says, 'yeah juice bag!' He said he was so proud!"

I shall now refer to all butt heads as juice bags. : )

The end.

The Book Club

The ultimate bookworm par-tay went down last night in the casa de kiwi. I started reading The Hunger Games and then hipped Celina to that madness. She shared the love with two of her pals, Meli and Glenda and voila! Instant book club magic! I've been to one book club in the past...but it featured my brilliant ex roommate who was a professor at USC so I wasn't really feeling like it counted since I barely spoke up. THIS was my first real book club rendezvous.

It was the perfect mix of intelligent women, good wine, delicious conversation (that had NOTHING to do with the book), and of course fabulous plot breakdowns that had us all impressed and drooling at the mouth.

I think a gal's first book club should focus on getting to know the folks. Opening up about a book releases all your demons! All of that stuff you're not supposed to share with strangers like politics and moral compasses get shared. A book club is more than a cozy circle of folks talking about chapters and foreshadowing. It's the catalyst that helps you release everything the book inspired in your noggin.

Luckily the gals were dope and didn't throw wine in my face for some of my thoughts and opinions on characters...Who I loved and who I wanted to bitch slap. Even some of my lofty comparisons to society at large were embraced. I think I may have just found my book soul mates.

A Definition I Dig

Bo·he·mi·an   /boʊˈhimiən/ Show Spelled[boh-hee-mee-uhn] Show IPA noun 1. a native or inhabitant of Bohemia. 2. ( usually lowercase ) a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. 3. the Czech language, especially as spoken in Bohemia. 4. a Gypsy. adjective 5. of or pertaining to Bohemia, its people, or their language. 6. ( usually lowercase ) pertaining to or characteristic of the unconventional life of a bohemian. 7. living a wandering or vagabond life, as a Gypsy. 

My boss told me I was Bohemian the other day and I smiled. I am an artist and writer. BOTH DAMN IT! I know this...now it's just time for the big dawgs to know it. Come on dreams!!!

I've been in a weird slump lately. My creative juices are frozen. I can't really figure out if it's fear or lack of talent or what but I just can't seem to get my confidence together. I've been picking on myself a lot too...slinging about that imaginary timeline that I'm not adhering to. "You should be doing this by now, Tish!"

Dangerous! Peligroso! Warning Family Robinson!

I know it's bad and I watch my Oprahs so that I'm chilling the heck out and simmering my ego, but it's hard when you've been wanting what I want for as long as I have. I start to edit my book and the edits I've made hours before suddenly look like Greek. Nothing sounds right or feels right. Not a good space to be in...

All my horoscopes keep saying I'm ripe for creativity...that something great is coming my way. I say bring it on Universe! Mama is ready! I'm twitching! I'm feening so hard for a break. Come on!

The Living Room

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." ~Maya Angelou

I'm starting to hear the faint sounds of "Lufa" Vandross..."A chair is still a chair..."

The place is coming along. I've got OoOodles more to add, but my wallet is gasping for air so I'm gonna rest its beautiful little leather heart for awhile and chill the heck out. I still need stuff to put on either side of the fireplace, more pillows(!!!), something for the coffee table, a painting we've commissioned a four-year-old to paint and THEN the living area shall be at peace.

The coffee table something I wrote of earlier is a book that I've been wanting for some time. I went into a book store yesterday to pet it for awhile and let it know that I'll be buying it soon. A woman near me watched as I stroked and then asked about the book...I told her it was fabulous and perfect and the love of my life (clearly not clueing in that she was studying my drool) and BAM! She took and bought my book. (Doe eyes...single tear)

I won't curse her because I said the wallet's taking a vacay, BUT my eyes are green with jealousy.

* * * All photos by Jersey * * *

A Market for Farmers


I really did miss my old neighborhood. I missed the farmer's market most of all. Every Sunday they shut down the streets and the groovy people come out to play and sell their stuff. My favorite person this go around was the lady selling foods from Afghanistan. She was a fast talking, hot little mama who called every one babe and honey. You didn't think you wanted to try her breads with three different sauce mixes, but she didn't care. She'd stick that concoction in your hand and magically you'd start eating. I swear I ate like four different things...and by then she had me hooked...I had to have more!!! So I bought this pumpkin bolani and ONE hummus and got away from there before I bought every dang thing.

I also wrestled some kale, green pluots and pretty flowers away from some hippies. Not really, but it sounded pretty bad arse, no? I bought the kale, green pluots and flowers...I just didn't have to smack daisies out of anyone's hair is all I'm saying.

It was a nice Sunday morning...

Bye Bye Bra

I become attached to the weirdest things...

Like this one bra I bought my sophomore year of college. (Let us NOT do the math on how old that makes the bra!) I loved that beautiful bra and last Sunday I noticed that the wire was sticking out of the side like I was trying to hide a shank of sorts.

I immediately hurled myself onto the floor and began to violently weep for my lost friend. I remember purchasing that bra... I remember WHY I purchased it and how frickin pretty laddy dah I felt once I had it and the matching pantaloons on.

It was the last time and the only time I've EVER bought matching ish. I know some girls always have to match because they're afraid they'll get in a car accident and the meds will have to rip off their clothes and then they'll be shocked not by the girl's wounds but by her inability to coordinate her frickin undies. Obviously matching undies were never a concern of mine.

Still it was nice having something pretty and now it's gone. Well it's technically hanging out sadly in the upstairs bathroom where I dropped it. I say hi and goodbye to it every morning and every night after I tinkle. I think that's it from my college years now.

The car died...the bra died...I have nothing left of my liminal years. TEAR!

Bye bye pink bra
Have you any wool?
No ma'am, no ma'am
My padding's gone you fool!

Bru's Wiffle

I visited the cutest little waffle spot in Santa Monica called Bru's Wiffle last weekend. The orange juice was fresh squeezed, yet didn't take the enamel off my teeth. The waffle was light and perfect and didn't make me feel like I had just given birth to a waffle brick. The potatoes, the eggs, the turkey sausage...well it was all just a little slice of heaven.

I always want to stay at these types of places longer than I do. I want to sit back with my laptop or a good book, sip my juice and enjoy the place that has the kind of food that leaves people smiling and content.

Jersey was so content he came home and started whipping up his own waffles. Contentment takes many shapes apparently...sometimes contentment looks like an inspired chef.

“It is my most religious belief that a recipe is just a story that ends with a good meal.”~Pat Conroy


Plan B...

Because my Saturday morning no longer consisted of NARS pampering, I had the time to stop by a friend's yard sale and have some fun.

I didn't find anything for the home, but I did find THIS!

Dear God, I love your random awesomeness. Thanks for the little laughs.


A Different Kind of Gangsta Slave.

My Personality Twin


So this show is mad cheesy. If it weren't for Zooey I don't know if I would have watched it at all...and I would have stopped after the first episode except the darn character is ME! It's like they sent a spy into my life and then wrote a whole comedy (mind you a bad one) about me.

She does pelvic thrusts for Pete's sake! She is a goof...a kindred soul of quirk.

Therefore I hope the show doesn't get cancelled. There's just not enough of our kind on the boob tube if you ask me.

The Counter

I love eating at The Counter. I get the same thing every time: Veggie burger on whole wheat, sprouts, dried cranberries, corn & black bean salsa, mixed greens and cucumbers.

Every time I bite into one of those bad boys my eyes start to roll back. This time I ditched my usual pear cider and went with Stella Artois.

Perfect Friday night meal...
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