Writing it Down

I'm frickin about to lose my damn mind at work...

I'm dealing with the whackest of whack folk and I'm soooo learning that I don't belong in a corporate environment. I was not being professional yesterday. I was rolling my eyes, sighing loudly, pulling at my hair, rubbing my eyes for long periods of time and sucking my teeth...all while in a meeting.

You are NOT supposed to suck your teeth but I was dealing with stress and that's how I, the dramatic wannabe actress, handle that ish. By the time I showed up to my workout class I was a hot shriveled mess of woman and it took my all to lift those darn weights and give my body a second beating.

I want this to fuel my fire...I NEED to write and act and get the HELL out of dodge because The Man is killing me...not slowly either. Oh no....this isn't Office Space funny stuff. No one's asking me for TPS reports or stealing my stapler. They're just torturing me with stupidity.

It's time. This weekend I'm finding my edits. I am finishing that damn re-write and I am turning it back into my editor by Monday!

I wrote it. Therefore it shall be!!!


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