Waiting For it to Become Visible

To give you an example of what this feels like, think about the feeling you have watching a beautiful sunrise. You may experience awe and intense gratitude, but you will not be thunderstruck, amazed or hysterical. A sunrise is glorious, but it is normal. We aren’t attached to the sun continuing to shine because we are sure it will. If you can feel that way about the arrival of your soul mate or the success of your business, my recent experience convinces me it will appear around you like dew. Everything you want is there right now, waiting to become visible.~Martha Beck

Oh how I'd love to see my book deal and my acting career stop being invisible and pop up for me to see! Pesky, ain't it?

My body is starting to come out of the rigor mortis state it's been in. It's beginning to contact photographers...It's discussing important matters with Diva Dara (a fellow actress who knows her ish) It's searching boxes in the writing nook trying to find those stack of edits...It's considering acting classes and starting to dream and hope once again.

Go brain!

One of my idols sits on my fireplace mantel in the living room. She reminds my brain to keep doing all of the above.


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