Post Audition


Being a wannabe actor AND having a full-time job is HAWD. It's hard because you have to work and work sucks balls and then you have to pick up those balls, put them in your mouth, muster a smile and do a happy dance for casting agents...while fun little worry-free other actors show up fresh-faced, ball less and bucking for business.

I almost fell asleep on the way to my audition. I was exhausted, stressed out and feeling gross from my looong day of work. I showed up to the audition and a room full of pretty and perfect people stared back at me and then looked down at my disheveled attire. Saying it will never get old..."I have a love/hate relationship with acting."

One of these days Alice....ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!

Beware! There IS an F bomb dropped in this ish...Sorry Mom...I was in the moment.

after the audition from Luv & Kiwi on Vimeo.


  1. can't hear your voice,so I just look at your face and read your expressions and words,lol,;D
    romwe streetfashion

  2. Uh oh! The video is messed up or you just didn't have volume?


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