Oh, It's Happening!

We've begun packing ish up!!!

It feels so good to see boxes in that dreadful apartment. We get our keys today and we plan to skip on over there to do a blessing and then unload as much as we can.

For the curious cat daddies and mommas out there, we're doing a sage blessing. I have some great hippie dippy friends who helped me find the right stuff to say and the correct procedures.

I shall grab some water and some kosher salt...some of my white sage and go to town making sure all the negativity energy that could be hiding (as of right now that place is heaven!) is hasta la vista baby.

I wrote in my journal that I wanted a place that felt peaceful and home-like. Love when the Universe decides to read my ish and grant me my joys.


  1. I'm so excited for you guys! Yay!

  2. Have you already done it? I FINALLY found the blessing I love so much. Let me know.

  3. Nope! So send that badboy! Does it involve salt? I have a really complicated one right now lol


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