A Move in My Future?

So Jersey wants to move back to Jersey...like bad.

Here's the question...Do I become the girl who keeps him from his friends and family because of my silly dreams? Do I just chalk it up to "I tried LA!" and retire the try? Move to the land of hard knocks and accept bullet wounds, snow and rudeness?

Is this what being in a relationship is? Am I gonna turn into the mom from Ya Ya Sisterhood?! Will I be a bitter, dramatic Vivi who feels her children and husband took her life away?

Why is it that women are only the ones who have to make these sacrifices? I feel pressured to get my acting career going...like somehow I have control over it. If I don't get acting moving soon...if my book doesn't go soon...whelp I'll look like the ass clown who kept Jersey out of Jersey.

I used to not care about geography...I never felt anchored to any specific state or region. Then I moved to California and the sunshine and the mountains and oceans and breezes and lack of snow started singing to me and now I'm kind of stuck on that tune.

Damn it all! Life is hard! 30 is hard!


  1. Dang. Y'all just moved. You know I'm all for you moving to New Jersey. So you can be closer to me! I'm just selfish like that. And we can both be miserable when it gets cold. Misery loves company?

  2. Not only did we just move, but we moved to my dream place. sigh...I'm having a really hard time with wrapping my brain around picking up and moving to the armpit of the United States.

  3. OK, personal selfishness aside, this is a HUGE decision that will affect the rest of your life. The book thing is possible either coast, but unless all you want to do is commercials it will not help your acting career. Unless you plan to fly back and forth to LA all the time... and if you're going to do that, why move?
    The bigger question is: what is LA lacking so majorly (excepting family and friends) that makes Jersey want to move so badly? (especially after you JUST moved into a supermegaawesome place) And what is there (besides him and friends/family) in Jersey for YOU?

  4. Oh Brigid, you're hitting all the major questions. There's nada in Jersey for me. No family, no friends (I have one friend in NY)

    As for Jersey...if I could get to the root cause for loathing LA we'd be so much better off. I'm contacting headshot photographers today. lol...Acting pressure in 5,4,3...

  5. That is a huge decision Tishy...I'm sorry you have to make it! I will be thinking about you and saying prayers that you will have lots of wisdom!

  6. KJL...yeah it is. sigh...I have a heavy heart. I've been spending the morning researching headshot photographers and I plan to start editing my book tonight. Prayers should be included in that to do list as well. Thanks for yours!!! ♥


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