The Man Cave

So Jersey has a man cave. This was a condition the man had to have in order for us to stay living together...otherwise he wanted a space of his own. I about died laughing when he finally told me his man cave needs...

"That was all you wanted babe?...A space of your own?! Well why didn't you say that in the first place! EVERYONE needs a space of their own...Virginia W. said so!"

So Jersey has his man cave...and he shuts that door and he watches manly TV and probably scratches his manly balls...I don't know, because I'm not a man. I'm not privy to the man cave. He LOVES this up, too.

Jersey: Guests can use my man cave when they come to visit...just as long as they can bare the naked pics I'll have of girls on the wall.

Me: LOL! You're such a terd! T. and A. EVERYWHERE...

Jersey: I know..that would be would make them uncomfy mwahahahahaaaa

Me: LOL, I'm now thinking of my mother staying in that room...

Jersey: HaHa, poor lady. Every time you open the door, I'll set up something that makes an orgasmic sound,

Me: You're too many things, buddy. Too many things...


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