LA Fashion District

Diva Dara has been trying to get me out to the fashion district in downtown LA for months and we finally made it happen. Sunday morn Jersey and I met up with the Diva and her snazzy family (the husband and the baby) for some browsing action in the district of fashion überness.

I've never seen so many fabric stores in my life! I have this one print in mind for a pillow for my living room. Don't ask me what it's called. I spent an hour trying to google that ish and even longer trying to see if I could magically just spot it in a store. No luck, but I found a lot of other cool prints that would work just as well.

Jersey and I plan to go back. This time we'll prepare. Shoes must be hella comfortable. Hair must be pulled back and off the neck. (It's hotter than heck when you get into those alley ways!!!) A light purse must be brought. (Jersey had to carry the heavy arse crossbody bag for me in the end.) Cash must be in the wallet. Plastic is a seven letter dirty word around those parts.

Our fellas

Got a Jesus piece?

Shared a jelly doughnut with this cutie

Kiwi smoothie!!! Like FOR REAL kiwi!


  1. These photos are beautiful! I really like how you highlight the subject by making everything else darker.

    x. jill
    those ghosts


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