Honoring │ Elaine

Ms Elaine...

I met her YEARS ago through an ex boyfriend. He didn't stick, but her little behind sure did. It's hard to explain her...She's this powerful force...a whole lotta superhero kind of woman. She's strong, she's intelligent, she's assertive, sweet, caring and stylish to boot.

She's got this amazing eye. Her taste in clothes, hair, fragrance, home design...it's all hella impeccable. She's just one of those Cali girls that catches your eye, but yet you don't want to trip her for being so perfect. Do you know how hard it is to do that?!

You want to be E when you grow up. She's the alpha female bud that keeps it real while making you a better person in the process.

She's agreed to help Jersey and I with decorating the spot. Jersey just has to mount a couple of flat screens for her in the future. Works for me! Win win situations...

Beyond all that she's my cultural clone. I swear the first time I ever visited her parents' home my jaw almost fell off. Our mothers are similar...our homes are similar...the cooking is similar. The music we grew up on is similar. It's kind of scary, but kind of awesome too because her family has always welcomed me for the holidays when I couldn't make it home...

Her mom and my mom are Facebook friends. It's frickin adorable, I must say.

Who knew that the stylish girl at the bar giving me funktafied looks would end up being one of my closest friends in life? Bananas!!!


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