Honoring: D Meister


This is D--My guy bud who I've written about at LEAST 13 times. He's the dude who's always down for some really bad TV, catching a flick with and most importantly he's the guy who will taste my experimental cocktail concoctions without fear.

We all need fearless friends willing to give our life experiments a whirl. Don't ya think?

Recently this effer scared the bajeezes out of Ev and I. I hit him and gave him a pinch twist. I love our warped dynamics. My heart and bowels beg to differ, though.


  1. ooooo did it just get hot in hurr? im moist.

  2. lol... is this the dude you take extreme close-up pictures of from time to time?

  3. Hmmm, not sure if I take extreme close ups of him. Do you remember a particular post lol? I do pester him quite a bit. : ) Toot around him...pinch him...


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