Honoring │ Brigid Jones

Brigid...not really sporting the last name Jones, but she's a hard core anglophile so the nickname fits her. She's the gal pal who I first met in Los Angeles. She's the one who had similar dreams of making it in Hollywood...just behind the camera. She's definitely more involved in the entertainment industry than I am.

She manages stage shows at a snazzy theater in Hollywood called Note. All her buds are currently in commercials, filming Narnia ish and rocking other stuff that makes me totally drool and she's doing the damn thing with a commercial right now that will be featured internationally. When that bad boy airs you'll definitely hear about it. It sounds like it's gonna be a hoot.

This chick rocks in so many ways. Not only can she successfully keep her cell phone chillin in her cleavage (little gals like me are fascinated by such tricks!) she can also write her brains out. She was the brilliant one who introduced me to the Firefly series as well as the YouTube video Animals with English accents.

She's bloody brilliant and totally the bee's knees.

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