Home Sweet Home

I am happy.

We spent the whole weekend packing and moving and unpacking and shopping and building and cleaning and loving our new home. This isn't just an apartment...from the moment we stepped foot into this townhome we've been happy as bees in a honeycomb. It's full of light and love.

We spent our first night watching a flick, eating fancy food and drinking a bottle of wine we've been saving since our friends were married a year ago. It was lovely and perfect. Best wine and smoochin' EVER!

It'll be awhile before I start posting pictures of the new place. Diva Dara was our first guest so she got the "this is how it will be" tour...That tour ain't as fun...but she can visualize my vision because she ROCKS so she was allowed.

I can't wait for the final product. Bit by bit...room by room I shall give my home so lovin'.


  1. its going to be fabulous! i feel honored to have got the "sneak peek", I will sell the shots I took with my camera phone to US weekly and make bank.

  2. Ha! I love it! Let me in on that bank while you're at it!


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