Good Luck


A friend gave me this plant three years ago and I vowed I wouldn't grow it until I had a place I could really call home. Wellllllp, I have a place I like to call home and then pelvic thrust in so I thought it was high time I busted open the green thumb of hope.

Who knew this little baby had a message on it. How cool is that ish?! I love it! First of all, everything I touch turns to boo boo (regarding plants) I just don't get to keep things alive. The whole watering something perfectly escapes me.

When this little one busted onto the scene I shed a tear of joy. First that she survived ME and second that she's got words on her. The perfect plant for a writer, I tell ya!

Coincidence it's called Stella Luna? I think not! (My iPad's name is Stella Moon)


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